5 Super Simple Tips to Buy Better for a More Sustainable Wardrobe

We’re well into silly season, which means there’s a good chance you’re thinking more about your wardrobe than any other time of the year. It’s likely you’re pulling out and dusting off suits or cocktail dresses from the back of your closet and wondering what will work for which year-end occasion and what potential new clothes you might need to buy.

Which is why now is the perfect time to chat shopping more sustainably — specifically, the best ways to go about doing it. Ahead, Laura Hall from Australian hat-maker company Phylli Designs shares her top five tips for not just buying more sustainably, but also for creating a wardrobe that lasts.

Buy Classic Pieces That Aren’t Trend-Based

“There’s something to be said about personal style. When you know the style or cut of clothing that works well for you, silhouettes trump labels. Classic accessories become interchangeable pieces within a wardrobe that has been curated for years to come.”

Shop Transeasonal

“Make thoughtful purchases, considering the existing pieces in your wardrobe. If you look at the colour palette and style across multiple seasons, ask yourself; will that new shirt work, layer well under a chunky knit in the depths of winter, and pair just as nicely with a pair of linen chinos for summer brunch? High-quality felt hats will keep the sun off your face, the hair out of your eyes and the snow from slipping down your collar.”

Invest in High Quality for Longer-Lasting Wear

“Did you know that 305,000 tonnes of textiles were discarded in NSW in 2020 alone? With such high costs to the environment, it’s imperative that you find ways to minimise your purchases, so check the label and get to know what the item is made from, to ensure what you are purchasing has been designed to last. Investing in quality fabrics and materials will mean you get to enjoy your pieces for years to come.”

Do Your Research on the Brand

“Research a brand’s values around ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes. The curtain has been raised on the fashion industry in recent years, resulting in greater transparency around cost of labour, the source of materials and a business’ carbon footprint. Sustainability in fashion manufacturing means that every stage of production has been considered, pushing fast fashion further into the spotlight for reform.”

Choose Pieces That Make Your Heart Sing

“Ever had someone comment on your outfit, just because you look happy and you’re rocking it? Get excited about your wardrobe. When you love something, you wear it more. This simple approach will reduce the cost per wear and have you walking out the door excited to spread the word of a truly sustainable shopper.”

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