This New Website Gives Strangers On the Internet Final Say on Your Argument

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Maybe you’re beefing with your best friend about the validity of a word they just played in Scrabble, or perhaps you’re having a spat with your significant other about whose turn it is to take the rubbish out. No matter the argument, Let’s Settle This promises to solve it in a democratic and not at all insane way. 

The way it works, is it invites in a squabble to submit their argument by writing a post that describes the situation. Once published, hundreds of anonymous users can vote and take sides based on who they think is right in the spat. The site will then calculate a percentage based on the votes and email you the answer to your argument within 48 hours. 

Here are some absolute gems on the site right now. 

lets settle thislets settle thislets settle thislets settle thislets settle thislets settle thisPreviously to Let’s Settle This, users have taken to platforms like Twitter and Reddit to explain their arguments to strangers in the hopes the majority of the internet will agree with them. 

In 2017, Instagram launched a poll feature that allows the poster’s followers to cast votes on a situation. But what Let’s Settle This offers above its competitors is complete anonymity. 

After all, it’s not like anyone would want to post on their Instagram Stories: Should my partner have to give me a foot massage for leaving skid marks in the toilet this morning?