The Golden Rules of Regifting Unwanted Presents (Because Yes, It’s Okay to Do So)


If you’ve ever considered regifting, you’ve no doubt thought about it in-depth, asking yourself: will the person realise it’s a regift? And, if they do, what will they think about it?

But these days, as we’re becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the planet, the stigma around regifting is clearing. Many of us now see it as a sustainable solution for creating less waste, not to mention, a great way to give someone something they might end up loving.

That said however, there are certain rules to follow when regifting. Things you should be doing and things you definitely shouldn’t. Ahead, Alexis Todorovski from SCRgroup, Australia’s largest company for the recovery of unwanted textiles and household items, shares her top tips for regifting.

Never Regift Within the Same Circle

“An obvious point, but it needs to be emphasised that it’s important to create as much distance as possible between the gift and the giver. This will reduce any risk of anyone finding out and any feelings being hurt that happen as a result. Find a person who you can imagine buying something similar for anyway. The goal is to ensure the gift gets maximum use and appreciation.”

Assess the Condition

“If you don’t want anyone to know you’re regifting then it’s important to make sure the gift is in perfect condition and in its original packaging. You will also need to look out for any labels or personalisations that may have been added to the gift for you.”

Don’t Regift Special Presents

“Handmade gifts or presents that hold sentimental value should never be regifted — even if you don’t have any use for them. The best things to regift are generic gifts such as candles or home fragrances — things everyone can find a use for. They might be good gifts that just aren’t right for you, or that you might already have.”

Never Regift from a Store That No Longer Exists

“Though this is an unlikely scenario — check that the store the gift is from hasn’t shut down. If it has, the recipient won’t be able to exchange the gift, and it will be pretty obvious that you haven’t put in any effort.”

Add to the Gift

“Don’t be afraid to add a little extra to the gift to make it more meaningful or to add a personal touch. This is an easy way to take away any guilt you might still be feeling for regifting.”

Don’t Forget About Donating

“And finally, if you can’t think of who to regift it to or it’s just not worthy of being passed on to your friends or family, then before you decide to throw it away or store it, consider dropping it off at a charity or one of the 1500 SCRgroup collection hubs across Australia. Find one using the Hub Finder tool.”

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