There’s an Easy New Way to Recycle Clothes, Bed Linen and Towels via the Post


It’s disappointing to learn that half a billion kilograms of unwanted textiles end up in landfill every single year, but disappointment turns to devastation when we discover 95% of these could be recycled.

Luxury bedding brand Ettitude has teamed up with Manrags to introduce Loop — a new textile recycling program and sustainability initiative giving new life to your unwanted clothes, linen and towels, all via the post.

It works like so. If you have old linen, towels and other textiles to recycle, you need only hop onto Loop and purchase a shipping label for $25. Next, you gather your old bedding, clothes, and towels into a box up to 10kg in weight.

Attach your label and book for a partnered courier to collect your box from your home in a contact-free exchange. Your reward for doing a good thing? A gifted $25 voucher to spend at Ettitude on anything you like. You could spend your voucher on a larger bedding or pyjama set, or simply take home a free Bamboo Lyocell eye mask.

Ettitude bamboo lyocell eye mask, $25

Loop is able to accept most textiles, even those that are worn and damaged, so long as they are clean washed and dried. The service accepts anything from clothing items, hats, bags, socks, shoes, bedding, towels, mattress protectors, fabric off-cuts, fabric couch covers, and curtains.

Essentially, Loop will accept any textiles other than underwear, swimwear, carpets, cushion inserts, doonas, and soft toys. Single shoes are also unacceptable, but pairs are fine.

The service is available Australia-wide with Loop partnering with Sendle (Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service). Once your items are received, a four-step process takes place to sort, separate, re-use and recycle your goodies.

Ettitude Sand bedding made from responsibly-sourced 100% organic bamboo.

“By recycling and repurposing we significantly reduce the impact put on our planet by producing new garments from new materials. The clothing and textile industry is depleting non-renewable resources, so by recycling old garments into new textiles and then using them in our production, we create a circular loop which puts substantially less strain on our planet (and saves textiles from landfill!),” Loop says on its site.

Head over to Loop now to purchase your $25 shipping label. Once you’ve done your good deed, enjoy shopping the Ettitude collection, including the latest release from the label, two stunning new 100% organic bamboo bedding colourways — Sage and Sand — dropping this August.

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