5 Super Simple Steps to Creating a Vision Board That Actually Works

Vision board

After an unpredictable two years, we’re ready to start afresh in 2022, focusing on our goals, rather than on just getting through each day. Not to mention that all that extra time at home has given us more time to figure out what exactly those goals are.

So, how do we now go about achieving them? Well, one exercise to try is to create a vision board. If you’re not familiar with vision boards, they’re collages of images that represent what you want.

“Vision boards may include tangible things such as a new car and intangible things like a healthy relationship or a new job at a certain company,” says Tammi Kirkness, Life Coach and author of ‘The Panic Button Book’, which helps people neutralise worries, overthinking and anxiety.

Image: Pinterest @EtsyUK

How Does a Vision Board Work?

Though you likely have an idea of how a vision board works, the nitty-gritty of it is this: if you’ve ever had your sights set on a new car, you might’ve noticed you start seeing it everywhere. This is your reticular activating system (RAS) at work, explains Kirkness.

“The reticular activating system lives inside the brain with the job of sifting information based on what it deems relevant,” she says.

“If you’ve been looking at something recently, such as a picture on a vision board, information related to that picture will be brought to your attention. Based on this, opportunities that link to the images we’ve seen on a vision board get brought to our attention that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.”

Additionally, having clarity on what we want helps focus our efforts while creating a cup for it to be poured into, Kirkness adds. “Many on spiritual paths say that the universe likes to deliver what it is asked for so when we have crystal clear clarity on what we would like, the universe knows what to give us,” she says.

How to Create a Vision Board

If all this has you convinced you it’s well worth taking the time to create a vision board, Kirkness explains how to go about doing so:

Create the Base for Your Vision Board

“Start by buying a big pinboard and pins,” she says. ”Then, segment the board into quarters to represent four life domains that are important to you. These most frequently include relationships (family, love, friendships, faith), health (fitness, body, mental wellbeing) finances (money, career, business, things you would like to own), experiences (holidays, education, home)”.

Find Its Contents

“Seek out pictures that represent what you desire in each domain and pin them on. It’s fun to use magazines to find photos, but often they aren’t specific enough for exactly what you want, so I recommend finding the images from Google or Pinterest as well.”

Hang Your Vision Board

“Hang it up somewhere you see every day. For example, mine is above my desk. Then, be sure to look at it frequently. For a supercharged option, consider how you would feel if everything on your board came to fruition and then do an eyes-open meditation looking at your vision board while consciously feeling that feeling.”

Keep Updating It

“I recommend people update theirs every year or even more frequently if their desires have changed or a lot of the items have come to fruition.”

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