Entertaining 101: 3 Easy Steps for Levelling Up Your Cheeseboard

Cheese platter

Silly season is well and truly upon us, so if you haven’t already started hosting festive gatherings, chances are you might be doing so — soon. Which means that now is a great time to brush up on (or learn for the first time) how to make a cheeseboard.

And even if you’re not hosting anything anytime soon, know that nailing a cheeseboard will always be a handy skill to have — even if you’re making them for just you and another ahead of a casual, weeknight dinner.

So, how do you style a cheeseboard like the pros? How can you give your platter that restaurant-quality feel?

Ahead, Vanessa Colyer Tay, Head of Styling at Temple & Webster, answers those questions and more, sharing her top tips for putting together a cheeseboard.

Think Photogenic With Your Food Picks

Buffalo mozzarella served cold is a summer cheeseboard must. Not only is it delicious, but it looks dreamy too. Add a garnish of fresh basil and voila — chef’s kiss.

Research (our taste buds) shows that a tangy goat’s cheese is great on a summer cheeseboard; think light and spreadable, paired exquisitely with fruits like figs and apricots.

A cheese platter without a wheel of cheese is, well, just plain wrong. So, pick your poison — brie? Camembert? Both can be sourced cheaply at most supermarkets, and look chic as a hero item when garnished with fresh sprigs of rosemary. After a pop of colour to add that finishing touch? Smoked fish is delightful, and really helps give your platter that summer feel and taste.

Start With the Food ‘Heroes’

Make sure to use a generously large platter or board as your canvas, after all, a cheese platter is quite the work of art. Then, when assembling your board, start with the largest items or ‘heroes’ first, like cheese wheels, then nestle in the medium items (crackers or vegetable sticks), and finally, fill in the spaces with the smaller pieces like nuts and fruit.

Add Extra Pieces to the Platter

Use small bowls or ramekins for condiments and olives, and keep another ramekin free for olive stones and strawberry tops.

The key to a perfect cheese board is all in the accessories – for instance, each different cheese and dip should have its own serving cutlery, and store-bought dips should be transferred into those small bowls, to make them look that extra bit more lavish. Finally, a quick drizzle of olive oil and a scattering of spices or seeds gives dips that food blogger-esque look.

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