5 Tips to Grow Your Following So You Can Become a Content Creator

Rey Vakili

If you’re anything like me, you likely follow a lot of content creators whose style appeals to you and who you look to for inspiration, be it for fashion tips, what to read, beauty hacks, recipes, or travel recommendations. Today’s content creators do more than just take pretty photos, they have become some of our most valuable sources of information.

What people sometimes forget is that behind the scenes, these creators work incredibly hard to develop the content they share, ensuring that it’s going to appeal to their audience, and keep them engaged. Content creators today can, in many ways, be likened to your favourite magazine. Think of Vogue, for example. It curates looks, lists the details of where you can buy products and keeps you up to date with seasonal trends. Content creators do the same.


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In my role as managing editor of shopping platform LTK, I have experienced first-hand the incredible impact these creators have, not only with sharing trends with their audiences, but also predicting and creating trends themselves, and perhaps most importantly, in guiding consumers through their purchasing journey. So, from what I’ve noticed content creators doing to succeed, I wanted to share some tips.

Find Your Niche

With so many content creators out there, it’s super important to know what you’re good at and know how to do it well. Think of why you follow other creators — it’s because they’re unique, have their own style and own opinion.

What are you known for amongst your friends? Do you always get compliments on your hair or makeup or choice in accessories? Do you know where all the best restaurants and hidden bars are? Maybe you make the best pasta in town? Use what makes you unique and market that.

Know Your Audience and Connect With Them

This is one of the most important tips I can share: You might think your audience is a certain type of person, but looking at your social insights as your page grows is imperative to keep building your audience.


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Your insights and data are your currency. They tell you who your content resonates with, and what makes them tick, from when the peak time to post is, to their age demographic and where they reside. Make these insights work for you and leverage your data so you can continue to create content with the people that want to see it.

Do Your Research

I can’t say this enough, test and learn! When starting out as a creator don’t be afraid to try new things to see what your audience is most receptive to. But also, don’t be let down if they don’t engage with the content either. Know that it wasn’t something they resonate with and lean into other content that works for them.

Q&As on Instagram are a great way to get insights and feedback from your audience. Ask on your stories what content they want to see from you — and listen to them. Your followers want to be heard and know you have their best interest in mind.

Keep Creating Relevant Content

Create, create, create! Social algorithms change all the time, so it’s important you’re constantly creating relevant content and pushing yourself to the top of your followers’ news feed. The more they see and are served your content, the further it will go. Social media platforms favour people who continuously create content.


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To take this one step further, don’t be afraid to test out new platforms or new tools on your existing platform. As a content creator, it’s important to diversify different social channels and keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Be Honest

I learnt this from one of LTK’s top Australian creators Jamie-Lee Burns, who is highly respected on the platform. I spoke with her about one of her most popular series — the ‘best basics’, which she produced herself.

She was so invested in the content that it took her over a year to complete the project. Jamie wore each of the 10 jumpers that she included for months to ensure they all wore well over time before recommending them to her audience. This shows that commitment to each post and being totally honest with your audience pays off — it’s not always easy.

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