Craving Adventure? How to Apply for ‘The Amazing Race Australia’

Have you ever been bingeing The Amazing Race and thought, “Could I do that?” Well, now’s the time to learn the truth! ‘Cause you can now apply to appear in The Amazing Race Australia’s fourth season. 

“Registrations for The Amazing Race Australia Season 4 are open,” exclaimed the Ten Network site. “If you want the opportunity to travel around the world on an adventure of a lifetime with your favourite person, register your interest in appearing on The Amazing Race Australia.”

How to Apply for The Amazing Race Australia

Step One: Be Over 18 Years Old

All participants in The Amazing Race Australia have to be legally adults. Therefore, if you’re below 18-years-old, sorry mate. Maybe you can apply for this game in a year or two.

Step Two: Have a Buddy

The Amazing Race Australia famously stars teams of two. For instance, the husband and wife duo, Heath and Toni, won last year’s race, as a unit. 

This means that if you want to be on The Amazing Race Australia, you’ll need a partner who’s hungry for travel. This person can be your secret lover, your best mate, or your sworn enemy. 

Step Three: Be Fully Vaccinated 

If you don’t have your COVID-19 vaxes, then The Amazing Race Australia doesn’t want you. Not only is your behaviour cringe, but there’s a chance that there’ll be some lit places you can’t travel to.

If you’re an anti-vaxxer and an Amazing Race stan, let’s hope that this fact pushes you to do the right thing. It’s not too late to get vaxxed. 

Step Four: Go to the Right Website

MyCastingNet is the website that’s hosting Amazing Race Australia’s expressions of interest. You’ll need to provide this website your email address, first name, and last name.

To apply for The Amazing Race Australia, click the stunning link here.

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