Here’s How Men Can Speak Up on International Women’s Day

My dudes, let’s get this straight, men don’t have to be scared of talking about International Women’s Day. Because, in my experience, feminists honestly don’t want men to be silent on this date. Also, they don’t want men to be silent on any other day either.

Women want to squash the gender pay gap, make our homes safer, and end toxic masculinity, just to name a few goals. All of this is impossible if they don’t have enough voices. So we need men to help move the tides of society. 

International Women’s Day doesn’t exist to dunk on men. International Women’s Day doesn’t exist to rudely tell men to shut up. International Women’s Day is one of the only days that women get to set the agenda, so it’s a day to chat about the real issues. 

However, just because guys are encouraged to discuss International Women’s Day, doesn’t mean that we should use our words thoughtlessly. Due to the patriarchy being a beefed-up power structure, the words of a man travel further than the words of a woman. Say something foolish on International Women’s Day and you could dilute the conversation. 

What’s more, there’s a difference between just talking and being the main character. There are ways of expressing your thoughts that don’t put you at the centre of the stage. You can use your voice while also allowing women to guide these important conversations. 

So, with all of this in mind, how can men voice their voices effectively this International Women’s Day? Here are some suggestions that have helped me slay over the years. Enjoy. 

Be the Bouncer

Sometimes, when a woman is talking about period poverty, or some other massive issue, a guy will interrupt her. Shocking, I know. Additionally, these interruptions can derail a conversation, making it so the initial subject gets lost in the soup. 

Therefore, if a woman in your workplace is chatting about the importance of International Women’s Day, but is then cut off by a dude, become a bouncer. Use your words to cut them off. Say something like, “Come on, let her finish.” Or, “Calm down bud, wait your turn.”

This is an effective way of speaking up on International Women’s Day while not speaking on the behalf of womankind. When it comes to being helpful, you really don’t have to overthink it.

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Answer Questions

Another misnomer about feminists is that they want to monologue at men. This is a fiction. In fact, this lie sounds like it was built on assumptions, not experiences. 

Women want to know what men think about reproductive rights and paid parental leave. But they want to explain their experiences, tell their stories, unpack their hurt, before you pop off. They want to be truly listened to, understood, and for a conversation to bloom from there. 

So, if a woman is talking to you about International Women’s Day, hold on to their words.  Wait until they finish their thoughts. Then, when they ask you for your take, things can start off on the best foot possible.

Do Your Research

If you want to know what the gender pay gap is, Google it. If you want to know why International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day are separate events, Google it. If you want to know the definition of toxic masculinity, then, my pal, you should Google it. 

International Women’s Day is a brief window of time. It just can’t be dedicated to the basics each and every year. If you want to do your part, then know the fundamentals. That way, when it’s your turn to speak on International Women’s Day, you can actually help make the conversation a tad deeper.

To all of my dudes, good luck.

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