Wondering How Many Episodes Are Left In ‘Younger’ Season 7? The End Is Closer Than You Think

It seems like just yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting the seventh and final season of Younger, and debating who Liza would finally end up with.

The first four episodes landed on Stan on Thursday, April 15 at 6:00pm (a day earlier than originally planned) and immediately reminded us of why we love this show so damn much. For starters, the fashion is just *chef’s kiss* and, looking past the whole love triangle aspect, the fierce female friendships and entrepreneurial spirit is something we, quite frankly, need more of.

In the absence of the one and only Miriam Shor, who was unable to return as Diana Trout due to scheduling conflicts, the series has provided more space for the hilarious antics of Lauren Heller — played by the incomparable Molly Bernard — and even thrown a hunky Aussie into the mix in the form of Kai Manning, real name: Matt Passmore.

In some ways, the final season of Younger feels like a beginning as Liza and Kelsey step up to the plate in the wake of their respective heartbreaks, and begin to focus on the publishing business they have so painstakingly grown. But sadly, the end really is nigh as the series final 12 episodes take their last bow.

That’s right, there are only 12 episodes in the series order and, given that seven of them have already been released on the streaming platform, simple maths tells us that we only have five — FIVE — episodes left until we have to say goodbye to the gang at Empirical forever.

In a previous interview with The Latch, Bernard gave fans a snippet of what to expect when the show does end saying, “It’s so good and fans are going to have their heart broken and then have their heart burst open with joy. It’s such a sweet, perfect ending and I really can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

As it turns out, we only have to wait until June 10th to see how it all plays out, so we still have a few more weeks of debating between #TeamJosh and #TeamCharles to go.

Said Bernard in her interview with The Latch, “Sometimes I go, in previous years, I’m ‘Team Liza’ because I am, but what I will say and tease is the way that the writers end this series, I am team that.” 

Meanwhile, Hilary Duff — who was pregnant during filming the final season — previously told Variety“I love that Kelsey chooses herself, ditches the guys who aren’t good for her and continues on a journey that forces her to take risks.

“The ending especially really got me.”

Needless to say, we are torn because, on one hand, we can’t wait to see how it all wraps up but on the other, we wish it never had to end.

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