The Headlines: Jerry Springer Has Lost His Battle With Cancer

How Jerry Springer Died

Jerry Springer
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On April 27, the infamous and famous Jerry Springer passed away, losing a battle against cancer. Jerry Springer died peacefully at 79.

Jerry Springer was best known for his work on the self-congratulatory named Jerry Springer talk show series, renowned for being trashy. On it, people would fist-fight over paternity tests and scream at their partners for cheating. No healing was done, it was all for entertainment. The Jerry Springer series ran for a total of 28 seasons.

However, despite hosting a trashy program, Springer’s catchphrase was super wholesome. It was: “Take care of yourself and each other.”

Dropbox Cuts Workers and Invests in AI

Meanwhile, in tech news, Dropbox is following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Meta and has cut workers to reinvest heavily into AI.

In an internal memo, Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, said, “In an ideal world, we’d simply shift people from one team to another. And we’ve done that wherever possible. However, our next stage of growth requires a different mix of skill sets, particularly in AI and early-stage product development.”

“I’m determined to ensure that Dropbox is at the forefront of the AI era, just as we were at the forefront of the shift to mobile and the cloud. We’ll need all hands on deck as machine intelligence gives us the tools to reimagine our existing businesses and invent new ones.”

As previously noted, Dropbox isn’t the first company to pivot in this direction. As ChatGPT pops off, more and more tech companies want to be the kings of AI. Yet, while this is the case, there can only be so many kingdoms at the top. So who knows who’ll end up swimming in the mud.

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The Solar Electricity Boom

Solar panels
Image: Getty Images

Is there anything sexier on Earth than a solar panel? They glisten in the sun. They are sometimes hot to the touch. And they can even charge up our sex toys.

What’s more, solar panels are now prevalent enough that they’re making our electricity cheaper. 

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, which takes care of the eastern states, power prices plummeted in January until the end of March. The price averaged in at $83 a megawatt per hour. This is 10.5% lower than the previous quarter and coincides with an uptick in solar.

From January until March, large-scale wind and solar power use surged by 11%, when compared to the same time last year. Meanwhile, rooftop solar power increased by 23%.

Now, this just reinforces the fact that not only is solar good for the planet, it also makes our power bills less pricey. Coal and gas tycoons, get on the level.

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