Tips from a Kinesiologist on How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Have you ever met someone and had this feeling that something was off? Perhaps you’ve experienced that feeling in certain places too, an inner knowing that something felt negative, but you couldn’t put your finger on it?

Intuition is an inner ‘knowing.’ It’s a subtle and gentle feeling, calling our attention to something that isn’t right or needs our attention. Because it’s so subtle, it’s easy to miss. But when we begin to listen to our intuition, it can transform our lives for the better.

Intuition isn’t logical, and it often doesn’t make sense, that’s why it’s so easy to shrug off and ignore. But listening to your intuition is important. Your intuition is your inner compass that is continuously guiding you towards manifesting your goals.

We feel our intuition in our body and oftentimes we can have other feelings through our intuition that are accompanied by a gut feeling such as flutters, goosebumps and warm flushes.

Everything is energy, and your body is able to read and perceive the energy around you. If you think of the body as an energy reader or pendulum constantly receiving information through the form of energy, our intuition is how we read the energy we receive.

The gut feeling we feel is our intuition trying to communicate to us. Intuition and psychic abilities are two different things — while psychic abilities refer to extrasensory perceptions, intuition happens in the body. Gut feelings are the physical manifestation of intuition.

Here are some ways that you can start listening and developing your intuition:

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Learning to work with your intuition requires patience, trust and self-awareness.

When you feel that feeling in your body — that gut feeling — close your eyes and listen to it. Really tune into how it feels. Does it feel good, or bad? Does it feel like a warning or something to pay attention to? Only you can decipher the messages from your body by tuning into it.

When you get a feeling or an inner knowing, even if it doesn’t make sense, listen to it. It’s your inner guidance system showing you the way.

Develop Your Intuition Muscle

Building up your intuition requires working with the body and being in tune with it.

You can begin by treating your body like an energy reader and as you think of a person, situation or place, notice how your body reacts.
You can ask a question such as ‘is this situation for my highest good’ and notice how your body responds. If there’s a feeling of contraction, goosebumps, expansion, weight, take note.

Your body always gives you signs and everyone’s body is unique in how it communicates and its learning to read your unique communication.

Pay Attention to Synchronicities

The universe and your spirit guides regularly give us signs and synchronicities to show us we are on the right path. These signs can show up as numbers, repeated patterns or symbols.

If you have a feeling about something and you’re not sure of what direction to take, request a sign about what decision to make. Keep an eye for various synchronicities and patterns showing up.

Quieten Your Mind

We live in a world of constant stimulus and we are being bombarded with information continuously, which can make it challenging to hear our intuition.

One of the best things you can do to heighten your intuition is to take time being silent without any distractions to quieten your mind.

You can start by meditating, even for just a few minutes a day, to create room for clarity. As your mind quietens you can start to hear your inner voice more clearly.

Your intuition is a powerful tool to support you in guiding you to the right path and when we start to listen to that inner voice, we can transform our lives.

Athina Bailey is a kinesiologist, trance channeller, clairvoyant, spiritual teacher and energy Expert who helps intuitive women level up in their life and business. 

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