I Got My Food Sensitivities Checked And There’s Goes Anything Fun I Can Eat


Eating takes up a lot of our life. There’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, after-gym snacks, afternoon snacks, morning snacks and even Netflix snacks. So, it’s no wonder that what we put in our body affects our energy for activity, growth, and all functions of the body.

I have lived with a life-long peanut allergy that is unlikely to subside. I have also lived with weight fluctuations, lethargy, hyperactivity and anxiety, to name a few.

In order to take charge of my health — my body is a temple after all — I decided to dedicate the last few months to fitness and health. While I’ve gotten into a responsible exercise regime (thank you, F45), the food I consume has taken a backseat.

So, to find out what foods were best for my body, I decided to check out what ingredients I am unable to tolerate and let’s just say, after taking a Maxi Health test, it’s a farewell to most foods I enjoy.

With a quick Google search, I found Check My Body Health Australia. In order to test my intolerances, rather than going into a clinic for the dreaded skin prick test, the test asked you to send in strands of your own hair.

It’s important to note that this test is only for sensitivity to foods and not allergies, as hair testing does not test antibody levels.

While it’s easy to confuse allergy and sensitivity or intolerance, they are not the same thing. Having food intolerance or sensitivity can often cause uncomfortable symptoms that can be debilitating, however, they do not have the potential to be life-threatening like an allergy.

According to Check My Body Health, having food sensitivity can cause symptoms such as bloating, bowel movement changes, headaches and fatigue — all of which we have experienced at one time or another. Sensitivity “can also contribute towards symptoms experienced by those with chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, arthritis, autism and ADD/ADHD”.

After sending away my hair sample, I waited a few weeks for the results which came back in a detailed 66-page report in my inbox. Here’s what I discovered through the test.

In the “high reactivity” category, I learned that I was lactose-intolerant, meaning I am highly sensitive to all dairy products including ice-cream and cheese. Devastating.

I also found that I am highly sensitive to all bread (except rye) and the most random foods including popcorn (which blows), tomato, apple and corn. My sensitivity to peanuts was also highlighted, along with cashews, spelt, goat’s cheese and Vegemite.

In addition to these results, in which moderate reactivity is tested, the detailed analysis showed all foods, beverages, non-food sensitivities (I’m sensitive to maple!), vitamins you are lacking and even metals. These items are all tested to identify what may be causing or contributing to physical symptoms.

Check My Health recommend an elimination diet, however, with anything like this, it is wise to seek the assistance of your doctor first.

I, for one, have learned so much about my body and will definitely be trialling some sort of elimination process.

You can visit Check My Body Health here.

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