10 Housewarming Gifts So Good You May Want to Keep Them for Yourself

A housewarming is a chance for someone to ready and then show off their new abode. And, for guests, it’s a prime opportunity to give the new homeowner (or let’s face it, with property prices these days, home renter), a fabulous gift that’s both thoughtful and useful— even if that use is just to add a pop of colour or catch someone’s eye, something they’ll have for years, and, whenever they’ll use or see, prompt them to think of you.

But because finding the right balance between a present that’s both functional and has personal flair can be tricky, to say the least. One great place to start though is to consider what they might be missing — or might be a brilliant addition to — their kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to décor, these rooms are often constantly changing, and therefore provide ample opportunities for housewarming gifts.

If you’re still stumped though and need a little help, not to worry — we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you 10 of our favourite picks for housewarming gifts. From delicious-smelling candles, to a bottom-shaped planter pot and a beautiful coffee table book, you’re guaranteed to find at least one homewares item that’ll suit.

The Cooks Collective Acacia Salt & Pepper Mill Set, $29.97 (on sale)

Circa Coconut & Watermelon Scented Candle, $40

Typo Midi Shaped Planter, $19.99

Love Ally x Bed Threads Large Amphora Candle, $65

Creative Space by Angie Myung, $55

Missoni Alfred Hand Towel #159, $49

Missoni Alfred towel

Seed Heritage Hand Held Mirror in Wood, $29.95

In The Roundhouse Fish Platter, $60

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen), $59 (on sale)

Wiltshire Epicurean Chop Chop Board, $21 (on sale)

Wiltshire chop chop board

Unlabelled Lemon Myrtle Sandalwood & Eucalyptus Hand Wash, $14.99

Unlabelled hand wash

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