You’re Doing It Wrong: How to Not Get Complacent During Post-Isolation Times


It’s difficult to feel sorry for Queensland’s snap lockdown when you see photographic evidence of people in isolation shamelessly breaching social distancing regulations. 

This photo, having made its way around the internet this morning stirring rightful frustration, was taken by Brisbane resident Bob Price. He took the snap as he walked past the Hotel Grand Chancellor quarantine hotel, showing people staying hotel quarantine to be blatantly socialising and passing objects between them, as per reports from the Courier Mail.

Although we’re not where we were last year in terms of the severity of the virus and fear of the unknown, COVID-19 is still very real and present within our communities, and we should still be abiding by self-regulated social distancing. 

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you can never apply hand sanitiser too often. Just because we don’t have to wear a mask in our Uber rides anymore, doesn’t mean that we should completely disregard our common sense, or hygiene.

The roll-out of the vaccine through at-risk Australian communities has potentially started to make us feel as though the pandemic is over. Although yes, it’s nice to be hopeful and look towards the future, complacency is what leads to spreading germs, which is still a serious concern as Australia starts to let more citizens back in from overseas countries. 

Here are a few easy ways to make sure you’re staying covid-safe and your state covid-free. 

Keep your hands clean

We know it’s simple, but wash your hands properly. Thoroughly rub soap in for at least 10-30 seconds and wash under warm water. 

Also, make the most of all the hand sanitisers scattered around public places. Use them as often as you like. If it feels like too much, it’s probably just enough. hands.

Keep your circle small

Do your best to keep your close circle small. Minimise your social time to just with family and your favourite friends, so that if COVID was to make its way into your home, your close contacts are at a minimum, therefore minimising the spread and risk for your loved ones.

Accept and follow restrictions

Safety signs are there to help. If there’s a sign near the elevator that suggests a maximum of four people in the lift at one time, abide by it. Don’t complain about venue limits — they’re there to keep you safe. Accept that these restrictions are minor compared to what we’ve gone through before, not to mention what other parts of the world are experiencing. 

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