Confirmed: Australians Prefer Cold MILO


A nationwide survey has definitively determined the MILO preference of Aussie drinkers, and sorry to the hot chocolate fiends out there, because cold MILO has come out on top.

According to a poll of almost 90,000 votes, a whopping 65% say prefer cold MILO. Around one in four Australians interacted with the debate on social media, so it’s pretty safe to say the results speak for the nation.

“While there is a clear Aussie favourite, and the results revealed some surprising twists, we couldn’t be happier to see people enjoying it both hot and cold, and seeing the passion for MILO as an iconic part of Australian life after all these generations,” says Nestlé dairy business manager, Anna Stewart.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, results varied by state and territory for factors like weather. In the Northern Territory, 100% of MILO drinkers preferred a cold glass. 72% of Queenslanders also opted for chilled MILO, while more temperate states leaned only slightly towards cold.

People from South Australian (67%), New South Wales (66%), Victoria (61%), Western Australia (60%), and Tasmania (54%) all preferred cold.

In fact, the only state or territory to prefer hot MILO was the Australian Capital Territory, with hot MILO receiving 52% of votes. Perhaps for its icy mornings?

“While we weren’t surprised that those in the north preferred their MILO cold, we didn’t expect that the ACT would be the only place that prefers their MILO hot, well ahead of Tasmania and Victoria,” Stewart said.

A slight divide between sexes was also noted, with 55% of women preferring hot MILO compared to 45% of men.

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