These Are Australia’s Highest Paid Jobs This Year (and Their Salaries, Too)


Talking about how much money you make has long been taboo, so it’s always fun to peek at any official salary info that’s released. Fun, and, well, important.

According to Matt Cowgill, a senior economist at SEEK, who recently released a round-up of Australia’s current highest paid jobs, demand for workers is higher than it’s been in decades, meaning now is a great time to look for a new job — or to ask for a pay rise.

“Workers are in a stronger bargaining position when it comes to salary than they might have been a few years ago,” he says. “The unemployment rate is at 3.9%, which is the lowest that we’ve seen since the mid-1970s. Generally, when the unemployment rate goes down, we expect to see wage growth start to pick up.”

So, if you’re looking for a new role or a pay rise, how can you take advantage of the current market conditions?

“If salary is one of your key drivers, understand what you can achieve in the market and make your expectations clear early in the process to avoid pursuing roles which won’t meet them,” says executive search director at Hudson, Leeann Soden. “Understand what you want to achieve from a recruitment conversation, and this shouldn’t be limited to dollars in the bank each payday.”

Soden says it’s worth broadening the conversation with your potential or current employer to the overall ‘package’ they can offer you, to see if there are other benefits they can throw in that might appeal to you.

“This could include working a reduced number of days, such as a nine-day fortnight, or additional annual leave balances if you want to spend time overseas now that borders are open,” Soden says.

To help you with your research and give you a better idea of current salaries across various industries in Australia, SEEK has rounded up the top-earning roles and their average salaries below. For top-earning lists within specific industries, like arts and media, consulting and engineering, check out SEEK’s Australia’s highest paying jobs.

  1. Director, Banking & Financial Services, $199,651
  2. Staff, Specialist Healthcare & Medical, $194,700
  3. Jumbo Operator Mining, Resources & Energy, $194,603
  4. Commercial Manager Construction, $193,283
  5. Project Director Construction, $193,089
  6. Staff Specialist Government & Defence, $191,497
  7. Chief Financial Officer Accounting, $190,472
  8. Director, Information & Communication Technology, $188,650
  9. Director, Consulting & Strategy, $187,764
  10. Shift Supervisor, Mining, Resources & Energy, $184,598
  11. General Manager, Construction, $183,714
  12. Head of Finance, Accounting, $181,280
  13. Superintendent, Mining, Resources & Energy, $181,170
  14. Director, Government & Defence, $179,691
  15. Medical Practitioner, Healthcare & Medical, $179,083
  16. Superintendent, Construction, $178,535
  17. Physician, Healthcare & Medical, $178,171
  18. Medical Officer, Government & Defence, $178,084
  19. Executive Director, Government & Defence, $177,619
  20. Director, Marketing & Communications, $173,939

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