The 10 Highest Paid Jobs In Australia and Why We Don’t Have One


If you took last year as a sign to quit your job in the name of self-care, then these jobs aren’t for you.

Although the working world is changing, allowing for more flexibility with working remotely and the importance of mental health days, unsurprisingly, the 10 jobs that pay the most in Australia are pretty demanding.

If you’re like me and you’d prefer to get paid to take naps, then you might need to find a more creative route to wealth. But if money is important to you and you’re up to the challenge, you could put in the time studying and go after Australia’s highest-paid jobs.

The Australian Tax Office has released a bunch of data that highlights Australia’s most lucrative professions, revealing 10 jobs that, on average, guarantee the highest annual salary.

We know you’re dying to know which seven-year degree you’ll need to complete before entering into the industry of high flyers, so without further ado, here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

1. Surgeon

Average salary: $394,303

Surgeons in Australia: 4,150

2. Anaesthetist

Average salary: $386,065

Anaesthetists in Australia: 3,412

3. Internal medicine specialist

Average salary: $304,752

Internal medicine specialists in Australia: 9,559

4. Financial dealer

Average salary: $275,984

Financial dealers in Australia: 4,720

5. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $235,558

Psychiatrists in Australia: 3,001

6. Other medical practictioners

Average salary: $222,933

Medical practitioners in Australia: 28,404

7. Judicial/legal professionals

Average salary: $188,798

Legal professionals in Australia: 3,866

8. Mining engineer

Average salary: $184,507

Mining engineers in Australia: 8,856

9. Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director

Average salary: $164,896

CEOs in Australia: 190,386

10. Engineering manager

Average salary: $159,940

Engineering managers in Australia: 25,578

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