Hendrick’s Is Releasing a Limited-Edition Lunar Gin and We’re Feeling Starry-Eyed

Would you rather – a new moon, or a new gin? Well this year, you get both. Hendrick’s Gin has released a new gin, and it’s for all you moonbathers out there. 

The “once in a blue moon” new release, Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, is hand-crafted in Scotland and acts as a follow up to the 2019 Midsommer Solstice Gin. 

The limited-edition gin is described as a “delightfully warm concoction, conceived beneath the celestial light of the moon”. Hendrick’s Lunar is ideal for fans of floral gins and probably also for people that feel an inherent connection to the stars. 

The “warmth” that is described comes from the botanicals, which is what gives gin its floral flavours, making it pretty perfect for any season. Enjoyed under the starry sky in winter or as a way to warm your body and soul and by the sea in summer, the gin goes perfectly in a citrus-driven cocktail, or as a floral martini. 

Differing from the Hendrick’s signature cucumber pairing and generally more savoury flavour, the Hendrick’s Lunar Gin is calm, chilled and subtle, more easily adaptable to your environment.

While Hendrick’s is pretty vague about the exact botanicals that feature in their new limited-edition gin for starry-eyed gin lovers, we can say that it’s floral in smell and taste, which develops into spicy hints of juniper and black peppercorns, finishing with warm notes of musky rose and honeysuckle. In other words, it’s a flavour journey.

The gin is bottled at 43.4% ABV, and will be available at a Dan Murphy’s in your orbit from June 1st 2021.

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