Neutrals Are Done, We’re Filling Our Homes With These Candy-Coloured Homewares Now


In a sea of Scandi-inspired, neutral-heavy homes in Australia, we’re always looking for ways we can add personality to our spaces. One of the easiest ways, of course, is through pops of colour and interesting textures in the form of homewares.

This is where Helle Mardahl comes in. The eponymous Danish glassware brand produces small home sculptures, lamps and tableware, including cocktail glasses, plates and even cake stands. Each piece is handmade in Denmark using the delicate technique of mouth blowing, which ensures no two designs are ever exactly the same. Every piece is signed by Helle Mardahl herself.

“Glass is such an unpredictable material, which makes it so utterly fascinating to work with,” writes Mardahl on her official page. “Glass really has its very own life, it requires patience, control and both concentration and a sense of calmness. The process of making glass is also so unpredictable since you’re working with fire.”

Image: Helle Mardahl

Mardahl describes glass as a dynamic and magical art form, and says she absolutely loves working with it.

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Among the collection, the Bon Bon pieces have become what the brand is best known for. Their shapes embody Mardahl’s flamboyance and eccentric deviance, explains her site.

“As the name ‘bon bon’ reflects, the objects are artistic interpretations of candy such as toffees or caramels,” it reads. “Beautiful objects in indulging colours that stimulate both eyes and taste buds.”

“This glassware is highly imaginative and doesn’t conform to trends,” says Louise Bastiras, Director of In Good Company, an Australian furniture and homewares online store and stockist of the brand. Bastiras and her co-founder husband recently visited Mardahl at her studio in Denmark.

Helle Mardahl
Image: Helle Mardahl

“Helle Mardahl’s products are rich in colour, and all have a playful and abstract shape. Their glassware adds an element of whimsy with an aim to tap into the fun, vibrant and eccentric side of life.”

Mardahl is inspired by iconic films like Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and wants to bring the magic of these tales into people’s homes, says Bastiras. Her aim is to infuse interiors with a delightful sense of nostalgia.

As for how and where the pieces can be placed in a home, Bastiras says they work styled individually — as decorative accents or even centrepieces in a room — or grouped together — either with a few pieces of the collection together or with other homewares.

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