The Headlines: Nine-Year-Old Helicopter Crash Victim Wakes Up From Coma

Ah, the first Friday of the year and it might be a beaut one at that. However, before you ‘accidentally’ go for a five-hour surf before breakfast, there are some important new stories you should know about. Here are today’s biggest headlines.

Gold Coast Victim Wakes Up From Coma

In some mint news, a child who was injured in Monday’s now-infamous Gold Coast helicopter crash has woken up from a coma. This kid’s name is Leon de Silva, and he’s nine years old.

“He was able to give mum a big thumbs up when they spoke over a video call, and that is just great news, it is a blessing,” said Anne Mwangi, a nurse and family friend. 

“Leon is getting there, and at least he is breathing on his own now. We are celebrating every little bit of good news.”

Silva has been recuperating in the Queensland Children’s Hospital but, hopefully, he’ll get to head home to Geelong, Victoria soon. 

Kevin McCarthy Loses an Eighth Speaker of the House Vote

Meanwhile, in America, the Republican party is in a historic wrestling match against itself. This is because the Republicans can’t agree on which member of their party should become the administratively-powerful Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Republican Kevin McCarthy has been wanting to become Speaker ever since Nancy Pelosi retired last year. However, he doesn’t have the votes to receive this gig. This is thanks to a Trump-loving faction of the Republican party refusing to vote for him. 

As of January 6, McCarthy has lost the ballot eight times. It’s the first time in 100 years that the House has been forced to vote over and over again like this. 

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Western Australia Helps Set Shearing World Record

In the southern part of Western Australia, three New Zealand-born shearers snagged the world record for the most Merino lamb sheared in eight hours. The previous record was made in 2003 and consisted of 1208 lambs shorn. These blokes beat this number by 395, shearing 1603.

“It’s always been in the back of the mind to do something like this, and this record was up for grabs… Everyone’s come from far and wide, people I ain’t seen in ages, so it’s pretty cool,” said Imran Sullivan, one of the shearers. 

“I didn’t think it’d be that mentally tough, but it is because it’s just different. It’s not like shearing every day at work.”

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