Follow This Dietitian on Instagram for Ultimate Lunchbox Inspiration

Are you tired of spending money every day on mediocre, less-than-healthy lunches? For most of us, the answer is: Yes. While the idea of packing lunch seems great, the reality is that it takes a bit of organisation, and the lack of inspiration to actually prepare said lunch is all too relatable. But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling defeated, standing in a random aisle of the supermarket unsure of where you’d even begin to make a halfway decent packed lunch, this advice is for you: Follow @thefoodmedic on Instagram. Now. Your lunch confusion and fatigue is about to be solved once and for all, and once you get into the habit of making lunches ahead of time, you’ll never look back. 

While the account @thefoodiemedic is already follow-worthy in terms of both aesthetic and content, there’s something greater to be found here. Packed-lunch inspiration galore. Easier than full-on meal prepping, yet somehow perfectly organised, the “Lunch Box” section saved on this Instagram page’s Stories will leave you actually wanting to make lunch ahead of time. Run by Dr Hazel Wallace, who is — yes— an actual doctor and nutritionist, the page has a focus on holistic nutrition, with food playing a big part of that: Point being, you can trust her and her lunchbox recipes. 

A few examples of the easy lunch recipes include a lentil pasta, pesto sausage tray bake, veggie burgers, and miso tofu stir fry to name a few. And they all look even better than they sound. Being easy-to-make and equally easy-to-pack, the recipes are ideal for pre-prepared lunches. In the morning, you’ve just got to grab the food you’ve prepared and go. What could be easier?

To make things even more exciting, Hazel has started a hashtag for fans of her lunch box recipes to document their versions of her creations. By using #lunchboxclub, loyal followers can tag their own photos of their packed lunches. This not only holds followers accountable, but also lets them glean inspiration from their fellow lunch-packers. A quick scroll through the tag will show that Hazel Wallace is undoubtedly helping people prepare lunches all over the world. 

Next grocery shop, why not pick one of @thefoodmedic’s recipes before you go? Dedicating a little bit of time towards preparing lunches for the near future will be worth it in the end — and better yet, it will be delicious as well. Give it a try, and if your coworkers get jealous, why not introduce them to #lunchboxclub as well?

Here are some of our favourites.




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