So Harry Styles Is Taking Style Cues From Rachel Green Now


Rachel Green was nothing short of a ’90s fashion icon to Friends fans watching along at home. And to tell you the truth, just about every single one of her outfits holds up today.

Her high-waisted bottoms, slip dresses worn white sneakers and collection of vintage T-shirts inspired many of our own outfits, and apparently, one recent Harry Styles look.

Styles was recently spotted out and about in LA wearing a white T-shirt near-identical to an embroidered ‘Save The Drama For Your Mama’ top, worn by Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in the Friends episode, The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss. 

The original T-shirt worn in the sitcom may have been vintage, custom, or purchased from a boutique during the time of filming.

According to HSFashionArchive, an Instagram account dedicated to sourcing outfits worn by Harry Styles, Friends‘ costume designer Debra McGuire used to find pieces in second-hand stores, and on some occasions, make her own vintage-looking garments, so it’s possible this shirt was originally one-of-a-kind.

Regardless, Harry Styles has a duplicate, and according to Styles’ sister Gemma, the piece was hand-embroidered by her as a gift to her brother for his birthday.

Much like anything Styles wears, the shirt has blown up overnight in popularity. Now, a number of Etsy retailers have begun selling their own printed versions on the T-shirt, starting from as little as $18.

After an embroidered version? A handful of Etsy and Depop retailers are going a step further to either hand-sew or machine-embroider the graphic onto a vintage-style white T-shirt. Our favourite is surely this one from YellowPaiges.

save the drama t shirt
Save the Drama T-Shirt, £28. Image: YellowPaiges/Depop

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