Half Price: Grocery Deals Is THE Cozzie Livs App of the Year

Hey, are you sick of paying $5000 for a bundle of fresh carrots? Are you tired of trading your precious family jewels for loaves of mid bread? Are you over the cost of living crisis? Do you wish that your groceries were half-price?

Well, if you’re feeling this way, then you’re not alone. ‘Cause inflation, the war in Ukraine, and greed-fueled companies have jacked up the price of our bills. Between 2022’s April and 2023’s April, the online prices of 60,000 grocery items rose by 9.6%. 

This increase has hurt many a person, including my mate Knees. In recent months, the mix of buying food and paying off a mortgage has become a big stressor for them. 

“The big squeeze for me comes now that I have a mortgage which reduces the amount I can allocate for all the other types of spending I do weekly,” said Knees. “This has almost halved my food budget.”

“I’d love to be able to shop more organic or plastic-free, but those always cost more. If a kilo of carrots in a plastic bag is going for 80 cents, I’m defs going to choose that over loose ones at $1.00 or more for a kilo.”

However, to battle this issue, Knees has started using a rad app. The name of it being, Half Price: Grocery Deals. 

Half Price: Grocery Deals Review

Half Price: Grocery Deals
Half Price: Grocery Deals

Half Price: Grocery Deals is a product that does what it says on the box. It tells you what products are half-price at Australia’s two major supermarket chains.

As per Knees, “Half Price shows you the items that are 50% off at Coles and Woolies. It also lets you heart them, and you can look at the hearted ones all in one list.”

These two features have been super helpful for Knees and her budget. They have allowed her to save money when buying instant soups, frozen fruit, and vitamins.

Additionally, Half Price: Grocery Deals is free on iOS devices. So if you want to give it a whirl, feel free to click the link here.

However, Knees also wishes that this app was slightly better. She hopes that it’ll one day show what items are half-price at ALDI and IGA.

What’s more, this app’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Half Price: Grocery Deals doesn’t list any items that don’t live up to its name. This means that you won’t get overwhelmed with choice while scrolling through this app. But, on the other hand, it won’t tell you if Coles or Woolies are selling their stuff even cheaper.

Overall, Knees gave Half Price: Grocery Deals an 8.5/10.

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