Editor’s Picks: The Best Ethical and Sustainable Deals to Shop This November

Koala Eco

Those overwhelmed by the many sales in the lead-up to Christmas will be pleased to hear there’s one that’s meant to actually slow you down. Green Friday is a four-day event, this year in Australia running Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 21. It’s now live and you can find more info on Green Friday here.

The official event is based on a movement that encourages shoppers to buy with consideration and mindfulness, either by buying only from sustainable and ethical brands or by not buying anything at all.

Why should you care? I hear you asking. Well, the stats can tell you: 90% of Australian households have unwanted or unused items, 80% of household plastics and textiles are landfilled and $80 billion in fashion purchases end up in landfill each year. And, probably the most startling stat of all, in a climate change performance review of 64 countries, Australia ranked last.

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You can take part in Green Friday this year either by making a conscious effort to shop more mindfully in any sales in the lead-up to the holidays, or by buying from brands part of the official event. These brands were handpicked because they meet part of a sustainability framework, so by buying from them you’ll be supporting their efforts, too.

Ahead are some of our picks for brands participating and their deals Friday, November 17 – Monday, November 21. Note that this list is in no way exhaustive. You can find the full list of Green Friday participating brands here.

Deals in Homewares

Huskee: 30% off HuskeeCups and espresso sets

Lighthouse Lane: 20% off site-wide

Mary Grace: 20% off jar candles and room mists

Organic Merchant: 15% off entire copperware range

Deals in Cleaning Supplies

Koala Eco: 25% off site-wide

Earth’s Tribe: 25% off site-wide

ecyo: 20% off site-wide

Deals in Fashion and Accessories

Arms of Eve: 25% off

Camilla: 20% off most selected swimwear

Modibodi: Up to 50% off

Reluv Clothing: 20% off clothes and shoes

Deals in Wellness and Beauty

ECO. Modern Essentials: 30% off site-wide

Oz Hair & Beauty: Further 15% off body care

INIKA Organic: 30% off site-wide

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