GoPro Founder Nick Woodman on His Favourite Filming Memory

GoPro Hero 12

As the founder and CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman knows about documenting life moments. Out of all the moments he’s documented though, it’s the experiences with his family he says that are his favourite.

“I know that sounds sappy, but it’s true,” he told The Latch. “I’ve got three young boys and the GoPro videos my wife and I capture of them are my most treasured possessions.”

Woodman launched the latest model of GoPro, the GoPro Hero 12, on September 13 globally. He says that while it always blows his mind what you can capture with a GoPro, the latest device takes it to the next level.

GoPro Hero 12
Image: GoPro

“My favourite feature is the insane 177-degree wide-angle video, enabled by GoPro Hero 12 Black, plus its Max Lens Mod 2.0 lens accessory,” Woodman says. “I love how it captures such a dream-like, wide-angle view of my experience.”

The wider field of view is thanks to the device’s new extra-cost accessory Mad Lens Mod 2.0, which lets you capture photos and videos in three field-of-view settings: Max Wide, Max SuperWide and the all-new, hyper-immersive Max HyperView.

GoPro Hero 12
Image: GoPro

Aside from the wider field of view, the new device has 2x longer runtimes and can be connected to Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth audio, like earbuds, headphones and microphones. This is handy for vlogging, scene narration and issuing voice commands to control it from a distance.

So, why then would you use a GoPro instead of a camera phone? I wrote about the perks of a GoPro in depth here — GoPro vs iPhone — but to summarise them: a GoPro is more durable, waterproof up to 10m, and the footage quality is better. It also lets you capture star trails (which look very cool!), as well as easily adapt your footage so you can use it for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

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