Google Throws Shade at Apple… Using an iPhone

Google Pixel

Say all you want against Apple, but maybe don’t use one of their products to do it. That was the case this week when an official Twitter account for Google Pixel attempted to take a dig at Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, but used an iPhone to do it.

Earlier this week, Cook had tweeted a promo video alluding to an Apple announcement (it later turned out to be the unveiling of the new iPad and iPad Pro, among other products and software), along with the caption: “The possibilities are endless” and the hashtag “#TakeNote”.

The hashtag #TakeNote has often been used by the US’s National Basketball Association (NBA) team Utah Jazz in tweets unrelated to Apple. The team’s owner had previously called out Cook for using it in past Apple announces.

An official Google Pixel Twitter account decided to capitalise on this, replying to Cook’s tweet, writing “Hmmmm Okay, I See You”, adding the same hashtag “#TakeNote” and tagging the NBA.

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“#TeamPixel is here to get you closer to your favourite team – tell us yours and we might be able to make your NBA Tip-Off even better,” it wrote.

The tweet may’ve been a burn except for the fact that eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed it was stamped ‘Twitter for iPhone’, meaning it was sent from the Twitter app on an — yep, you guessed it — Apple iPhone. It has since been deleted and reposted — this time, without an iPhone app stamp.

Coincidentally, Google also this week announced several updates to its Messages app. It added an in-line reply feature for responding to individual messages and an in-app YouTube player, so that users won’t have to leave Messages when someone sends them a link to a video on the platform. Users can also set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries within the Messages app, and get a notification when they open the app.

The updates are set to be rolled out in the coming weeks, and many of them appear to be an attempt to better integrate Google’s Messages app with Apple’s iMessage and Meta’s WhatsApp.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out an update for the Messages app that allowed the app to display iMessage reactions as emoji. More recently, it launched the ability to react to SMS texts from iPhone users also with emoji reactions.

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