Gingerfinch Founder Peita Davis On How We Can Support Australian Makers Right Now


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Peita Davis is the Canberra-based founder of Gingerfinch, an Australian online store curating quality, ethically made interior pieces from sustainable makers around the world.

A former political analyst, Davis launched her online store in 2017. “Running Gingerfinch is a huge shift away from what I used to do, but it was always important to me to bring something beautiful into the world. When I say beautiful, I don’t just mean visually pretty — it has to mean something, not contribute to the throw-away culture, and have people treasuring pieces for their lifetimes,” she tells us.

Her business runs entirely online, but that’s not to say Davis, as well as those makers whose products she stocks, hasn’t felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn that’s swiftly followed.

We caught up with Davis to find out how she’s coping amid the coronavirus crisis, and to find out how we can show our support for the Australian interiors industry in this time.

Katie Skelly: Peita! Thanks so much for chatting with me today. Tell me more about Gingerfinch and what gets you out of bed in the morning. 

Peita Davis: Gingerfinch is a platform for ethically made and locally sourced, beautiful products. When people shop with us, they can rest assured their new purchases come with the seal of approval that they’re good for the planet, good for the maker, and good for our country.


KS: I’m a big fan. Tell me, how have you been affected in this time?

PD: Look, we’re privileged in that our operation runs online, and I’m very grateful that we haven’t had to perform any store closures. We’re also a very lean business, so I’m happy that I haven’t had to lay off any staff members — I’m able to continue working with contractors and we’re still working together to make it work.

The main way I’ve been impacted is that some of my products, that come from overseas, are just not able to come into the country. So my product line has become smaller.

“I do believe that troubled times really can bring out the best in people. This is our time to support each other and step up to make positive change.”

KS: what does it mean for you now?

PD: Interestingly, I was already looking to localise my offering after the bushfires, which affected me quite personally since my father was a firefighter. During that really difficult time for Australia, I started a campaign to stock from the bush.

From February, I started reaching out to rural makers to try and support them by stocking their products. I was already on a movement to shift away from international products and stock more locally made goods, and this mission has only been emphasised by COVID-19.

Now I’m working with incredible Australian makers from all around the country, and some incredible new products are on their way onto the platform. It’s been fabulous to be able to support these skilled craftspeople.


KS: That’s so special. Please, how can people support your business in the short term?

PD: Of course, people are invited to browse the site and maybe along the way they’ll find something nice to buy for their mums this Mother’s Day. But if people can’t afford to make purchases at the moment (and we know people are doing it tough), they could show their support by following our social channels and following along with our journey.

One other favour I’d love to ask: If someone out there is aware of an amazing designer or maker in Australia, please email or DM me and let me know of their work! I’m constantly on the hunt for new products to stock, and by doing this you’ll be helping show your support while also helping the broader arts and craft community.

KS: That’s a great idea! I wonder, do you think the interiors industry will evolve to have more of a focus on Australian designers and makers after this time?

PD: I do, actually. I think with the knock-on effects of the pandemic globally, I would imagine that for at least a number of years, every country will be turning inwards and doing what they can to rebuild, and one of the best ways we can do this is by improving manufacturing and products within Australia to be more self-sufficient.

Many people were already on the path to moving away from throw-out culture, and this time may only accelerate this and solidify the need to maintain our own maker’s economy. I do believe that troubled times really can bring out the best in people. This is our time to support each other and step up to make positive change.

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