You Can Now Get Paid to Watch 45 Hours of ‘Friends’


You know when you sink into the couch after work, with your blanket and your glass of wine, turn on Friends and think “I wish I got paid to do this”? 

Now you can. The literal dream job of being paid to have a Friends marathon is officially a reality.

A college and university ranking website called Best Value Schools is currently looking for five dedicated fans to watch every episode of the first five seasons of Friends, and will pay you US $1000 (about US $23 an hour) each to do so.

They’re also going to send you a Friends-inspired mug, a branded T-shirt, fleece blanket, tumbler and $100 gift card for meal deliveries, so you can truly marathon the right way. One marathoner will also receive all 10 seasons of the show on Blu-Ray, so you can pick up where you left off at any time.

According to the official rules for entering, selected applicants must already have access to a streaming service where you can watch Friends. Luckily for us, every season of Friends is currently streaming on Netflix Australia.

As well as watching 121 episodes and 45 hours worth of the Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross and Joey madness, Best Value Schools is asking that you rank your favourite episodes. 

As for candidates for the marathon, they’re specifically asking for “outgoing social media personalities”, which doesn’t necessarily mean influencers; just people that are willing to document their marathon via social media in an engaged and enthusiastic way. Shouldn’t be too difficult, we reckon. 

To apply, you’ll just need to provide some social media links and contact details, as well as write a short 200-word short essay that describes why you are the perfect person for the job. You can find the online form here.

But in a devastating caveat to the role, the successful applicants must be based in the US. It’s a bummer for those of us here in Aus, but it doesn’t mean you can’t simply watch the show for free in your own time. We already do that anyway.

And while you can’t get paid to watch it, you can win a free sofa to watch it on. The Latch has teamed up with Koala to give away a Cork Sofa and Ottoman worth $2,800. Head here to enter. Good luck!

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