The Headlines: Is Fyre Festival 2 Actually Going to Drop?

Billy McFarland Plugs Fyre Festival II

Billy McFarland: Creator of the Fyre Festival.
Image: Getty

Fyre Festival: The Hindenburg of poorly planned events. A festival so bad that it left its guests stranded in the Bahamas with nowhere safe to sleep, not enough to eat, and no live bops to fawn over. Oh, and it also didn’t pay a whack of its employees for their labour. 

However, despite this being the case, the man who created this 2017 fest is back in the news. 

“Fyre Festival II is finally happening,” asserted Billy McFarland on Twitter. “Tell me why you should be invited.”

Now, as of writing, no other details about this event have been released. What’s more, it’s also worth taking McFarland’s word with a boulder of salt. This is because McFarland is a professional con man.

In 2017, Billy McFarland made Fyre Festival I the Hindenburg that it was. He knew this festival was underfunded and potentially dangerous. Yet, he lied about it to his investors, his patrons, and the general public. McFarland could have called the plug on numerous occasions, but he didn’t.

So, with all of this in mind, what makes you think that Billy McFarland can actually make Fyre Festival II a reality? And, even if he can, what makes you think that it’ll be safe, let alone good?

I give this news a yikes/10.

The New York Times Drops a New Game

Digit: The New York Times' new puzzle game.
Image: The New York Times and The Latch

If you’re craving a new game to distract you on the train, in an elevator, or from a lover asking for more affection, then The New York Times has got you covered. ‘Cause they’re releasing a shindig called Digits.  

However, unlike The New York Times’ other game, Wordle, this one’s all about maths. In Digits, you’re given six numbers and a goal. You’re then asked to add, subtract, times, and divide these six numbers to hit this specific goal. 

So, what happens if you hit your goal number? Well, you’ll receive three stars, and feel like a smart cookie for the rest of your day. Plus, if you get close, you’ll instead get one or two stars.

If you want to play Digits, then a link to its beta’s right here

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How Is Mario’s New Film Performing? 

In other news, The Super Mario Bros Movie is goomba-stomping the box office. No, seriously. As of April 11, this film has sold over USD$375 million worth of tickets around the globe. This means that The Super Mario Bros Movie now has the biggest box office opening of 2023. Yup, it has smashed Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which only scored USD$117.1 million worth of opening weekend tickets.

If you want to get some HOYTS tickets to The Super Mario Bros Movie, then click the link here.

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