Welcome to The Funderdome, Melbourne’s New Mini Golf, Karaoke and Arcade Mecca

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It’s happened to all of us at some point. We’ve been sitting at home, most likely on the couch, staring into the distance and wondering, “Where can I go to cure my boredom?” You don’t really feel like heading to your usual hang out spots and you’re craving a change. 

In comes The Funderdome, the “home of unprofessional sport”. You read that right, enough of watching The Ashes or the Australian Open on the telly, it’s time for the amateurs to have some fun. Debuting next to HOYTS at Highpoint in Melbourne, the fun, competitive socialising destination has plenty of activities, ensuring you and the one you’re with will always have something to do. 

Featuring a world-class two-level, 18 hole crazy golf course, corn hole, shuffleboard, old and new school arcades, karaoke party rooms and diner-style pub food and beverages. Phew! We need to catch our breath.

The Funderdome celebrates the joys of unprofessional competition and takes you back to a nostalgic time where we’d play for fun and friendship, not fame and fortune. Every aspect of the Funderdome experience, from the games, the hospitality, to its super positive club rules and folklore is about low-stakes winning and celebrating every win in not all-together serious ways,” says Director of Property and Business Development Tyrone Dodds. 

The 2000-square metre arena promises endless amounts of entertainment, whatever your age or skill set. Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect to see when you pay a visit.

Playas Crazy Golf

This isn’t just any ordinary game of mini-golf, oh no, this game will leave Tiger Woods sweating. Featuring 18 holes and two levels of putt-putt perfection, you’ll for sure be challenged when you attempt to complete this course. Designed in collaboration with the world’s leading mini-golf course designer Zachary Pullman Studios London, Playas is every golf aficionado’s dream.

funderdome highpoint

Old School Arcade

You know those games you used to play on your old school console back in the ’90s? Well, it’s made a comeback. Featuring all of your favourites such as Space Invaders, Pacman and of course, pinball, it’s time to take hold of the joystick and make a high score. 

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New School Arcade

But if you’re into the newer stuff then explore Funderdome’s ever-evolving collection of the latest and greatest arcade games. Immerse yourself in the New School Arcade for hours of guaranteed fun.

Boom Box Karaoke

If you have a knack for singing and want to show off your pipes then you can belt out those high notes in one of the Funderdome private Karaoke lounges. Whether it’s Adele or Taylor Swift, we don’t judge, so long as you give it your all.

funderdome highpoint

The Clubhouse

All of the above is sure to leave you absolutely famished, so when you’re wanting a bite to eat, head to The Clubhouse. Not only can you devour a great meal but you can watch some TV, play corn hole, shuffleboard, pool, foosball, Atari pong or air hockey. 

The Funderdome will provide guests with an American-inspired gastronomical experience, featuring pizza, funderdogs and so much more. Entry is free and guests can top up their Funderdome card to play games in the Old and New School Arcades. You can also host parties from $40 per person.

Funderdome will open to the public from 10am on 26th January 2022 and is located next to HOYTS Highpoint, 120-200 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032. Funderdome is open from 10am to Midnight Sunday to Thursday, and open from 10am to 1am Friday and Saturday

To stay up to date, visit The Funderdome website and follow The Funderdome on Instagram here.

This article originally appeared on Popsugar Australia.

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