The Friends Apartments LEGO Set Is Packed Full of Inside Jokes From the Show


Whether an old favourite or your security blanket show (that you watch on repeat to find comfort in our wild, wild world), no doubt you’ve seen your fair share of Friends episodes. Despite being a staple of the ’90s, the old NBC classic continues to stream daily around the world and is even due for a reunion in the coming months.

The show has already been immortalised in many ways, but the sitcom has just received the LEGO treatment, and fans couldn’t BE more excited. While a Central Perk LEGO set exists currently (you can actually get it here at Kmart for $69), LEGO has just announced a brand new Friends-inspired set of both Monica’s and Joey’s apartments.


The LEGO Friends Apartments set is a 2,048-piece kit featuring both Monica’s purple-walled apartment and Joey and Chandler’s bach pad next door. A LEGO-sized hallway joins the two homes, which are absolutely packed to the brim with inside jokes and easter eggs from the sitcom.

You could literally play out almost every single episode with fun details like Phoebe’s creepy Gladys painting, Joey and Chandler’s reclining chairs, the Thanksgiving turkey (to be worn on the head), Phoebe’s dollhouse, the floor cheesecake, and the giant poking stick to wake the Ugly Naked Guy.


Of course, the set also comes with the giant dog, the wooden canoe, a foosball table, a pizza box, a milk carton, and even the Chick and the Duck.

All in all, the set comes with seven Minifigures: Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey, plus Janice. And each of the characters is wearing a favourite outfit from the show. There’s Joey in all the clothes, Rachel in a tartan skirt, and Ross in his tight leather pants.

The LEGO Friends Apartment set is designed for users over 18 and will be available from LEGO stores and online from June 1 for $259.99.


Fans of the show have been waiting for the set to drop ever since the official LEGO Instagram posted a teaser with the caption: “The One With…” of a LEGO recreation of a most iconic Friends moment. Fans will remember ‘The One With The Late Thanksgiving’, in which four of the pals — Phoebe, Ross, Rachel and Joey — find themselves locked out of Monica’s apartment after turning up 45 minutes late to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Now, Friends fanatics will be able to recreate the Floating Heads scene, as well as every other that ever took place inside Monica’s purple-walled, rent-controlled apartment in Greenwich Village.


Since being posted to Instagram, the teaser has already clocked up some 279k likes and 4,500+ comments. Safe to say there’s a huge demand for this set, especially in the lead-up to the long-anticipated reboot.

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