Bunnings Wants You to Plant More Trees, So They’re Giving Them Away for Free

The need for more trees has never been more important.

Humans are currently emitting more carbon than we can absorb and it’s not so slowly destroying our environment. By cutting down trees to make way for new developments, we’re removing the natural systems that absorb and store carbon.

Many governments have discussed, and some have implemented plans to be carbon neutral by 2050 by reducing waste, banning single-use plastics, and introducing laws that force wealthy companies to report on their effects on climate change, which greatly impacts who they invest in.

Another initiative that has been picked up by environmental organisations around the world, is offsetting emissions by planting more trees.

And you can’t ever have too many trees. Not only are they a glorious spectacle, but they’re also imperative for a lasting environment, by helping to absorb nasty greenhouse gases and help keep the atmosphere clean of CO2.

The NSW government and Bunnings have really jumped on this bandwagon, and we’re pretty about it, given that the outcome is free trees.

From now until October, the NSW government has partnered with Bunnings to give away free trees to help make your home and our earth a greener and happier place.

The government hopes that the giveaway will encourage people to plant more trees and further understand the importance of “shade, more privacy, and cleaner air”.

To be eligible, your address needs to be in one of the 33 local government areas in greater Sydney, and you’re only allowed to apply once a year so if you already knew about this initiative and got in quickly, you can’t double up.

At the beginning of each month, a certain amount of free trees will be available. Each month has a different number of trees as well as different species.

Although starting in June, the program has (unsurprisingly) been extremely popular, and as a result, all the trees have been picked up within days, with more than 29,000 trees given away and planted in backyards across the Greater Sydney region.

Thankfully, the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment said more trees would be available by early July – so you’d better get in quick when the time comes.

You can register for a free tree here.

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