The Headlines: Let’s Unpack Argentina’s Messi FIFA World Cup Win

Monday: A fresh start to a week of continuing your old filthy habits. Fortunately though, it’s not all bad news. While you might accidentally get a trilogy of parking fines today, the headlines aren’t all that gnarly. So, without any more japes and bants, here are some of today’s biggest stories. 

Argentina Beat France in the FIFA World Cup Finals

In some lit news for the country of Argentina, these folks defeated France in the final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, this win didn’t come easy. Although the South American favourites led the game for much of the match by two goals, France’s Kylian Mbappe scored two in quick succession in the final ten minutes of full-time, dragging the game into a nail-biting extra half. 

That half saw both Messi and Mbappe score to tie the game at three all. What followed was a tense penalty shoot-out, with Argentina’s Gonzalo Montiel artfully scoring the winning goal. The final score for the penalties was four — two.

This win was particularly special for Lionel Messi, the Captain of Argentina. Messi is a football legend, but this is his first FIFA World Cup win. Moreover, to make Messi’s victory even sweeter, this cup’s expected to be his swan song. Messi can leave the competition as the undisputed GOAT. 

When Messi took the mic, after leading his team to this historic victory, he screamed, “Let’s go, Argentina!” 

Australia’s New Air Pollution Regulations Are Massive

From the start of next year, a whack of Australia’s boats will need an air pollution prevention certificate. This new initiative is being pushed by the International Maritime Organization. The aim of this rule is to help reduce the amount of carbon that international shipping emits by 40% before 2030 rolls around. 

So, if you’re a baller with a cargo or passenger vessel that needs a new diesel engine, maybe suss out these rules. You don’t want to get fined while vibing on the open seas.

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A Queensland Garden Transformed a Community

To round things off, the North Queensland town of Mount Molloy is being united by a scrumptious vegetable garden. This is thanks to the efforts of Mount Molloy State School’s teachers and students. These folks aren’t just growing veggies for their fellow community members, they’re also holding A+ pizza nights.

“The students really love being in the kitchen, and they cook with ingredients out of the garden, then set the tables, and we all sit down to share a meal and talk about what’s happening in their lives,” said Principle, Zarah-Rae Budgen.

“Everything in the garden is designed to suit our climate, and every plant is deliberately planted to complement the garden and help minimise pests.”

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