I Just Bought 3 of the Same Fluffy Uniqlo Jackets

uniqlo jacket

One for me and two additional for my fellow team members at TheLatch—, one of which said “I think I need it immediately” upon seeing it.

This morning I woke up to an aggressive alarm reminding me that Uniqlo’s new Autumn/Winter U collection had dropped — an alarm I set knowing full well that the jacket in question would likely sell out before the end of the week if not the day, and I was not going to miss out.

I first spotted the jacket when Facebook began targeting me with a teaser and lookbook for the new collection last week (is it just me or is Facebook getting freakishly good at this now?). I was immediately struck by the on-trend texture, boxy-fit, angular collar, and optional waistbelt that could cinch in the garment and essentially change the way it hangs.

I had struck gold. And as the lifestyle editor of this publication, I felt I had an obligation to write about the piece and my predictions for its popularity, but selfishly I refrained solely so that I could get one before stock ran out. I’m not sorry!

Source: Uniqlo

At $79.90, the jacket is well and truly on the more affordable side of cosy outerwear, but with its on-trend fuzzy texture and chic silhouette, appears similar to designer pieces five times the price.

The Pile Lined Fleece Short Coat, as its officially named, comes in four colourways: black, light orange, natural and brown (our preferred shade).

While we’re yet to receive our parcel in the mail, we can already imagine pairing the piece with an oatmeal turtleneck and black, straight-leg jeans — an outfit that will now serve as a uniform within TheLatch— team this winter.

Look. We regret that we didn’t tell you about this find sooner, but now that we have it’s 100% recommended you act fast and buy one for yourself. Run into your local Uniqlo or order the fluffy jacket of our dreams online now.

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