NSW Residents Affected By The Floods Can Claim Up to $18,000 to Cover Temporary Accommodation

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If you’re one of the thousands of people in NSW that has been hit by flooding, you can now apply for the NSW flood recovery rental support payment.

The scheme, which was opened at the end of March, is designed as a one-off payment to help flood-affected residents in impacted areas cover the cost of short-term rental accommodation.

Only one person per household needs to make the claim, which can be for up to $18,000 or even more if you have over six people in your household.

There are hundreds of suburbs up and down the state that are considered “highly impacted,” a full list of which you can find here.

Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole has said that “Up to 16 weeks’ rental support will be made available.”

“This will help ease some of the burden as they transition from emergency or short-term accommodation”.

How to Apply for the Flood Recovery Rental Support Payment

Applications for the funding can be made through the Service NSW website. This can be accessed via a desktop or the app. You can also call 13 77 88 for assistance with the application.

Nearby flood Recovery Centres — a complete list of which you can find here — can also provide support with applications, as well as other services that you might need.

The grants can be accessed if you have been hit by flooding since 22 February and are currently staying in temporary accommodation, or plan to, for more than 14 days. Only those who are uninsured can apply, or who can’t get help through their insurance policy.

You also cannot claim the payment if you own affected house but don’t live in it.

Payments start at $6,000 for one person and increase in increments up to $18,000 for a household of six.

You’ll need evidence of a temporary accommodation booking, evidence of damaged property, and an official document from the past 12 months with the address of the damaged property on it.

Once an application has been approved, payment will be made to your nominated bank account within five business days.

Applications for the grants close 24 June 2022.

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