All Aboard This Floating Tiny Home That Can Be Assembled in Two Days


Not sure about you, but we think social distancing is done better aboard a floating tiny home in the middle of a lake.

Take into account the fact it’s architecturally designed and comes fully furnished, and you’re looking at the perfect escape you could someday own.

Brazillian architecture firm SysHaus is the brains behind this off-grid, pre-fabricated floating tiny home called LilliHaus.

It’s not the first turn-key abode to be designed by the award-winning firm, however, is the only model so far that has floating capabilities to sit atop a static pontoon or barge, though the dwelling can comfortably sit on dry land, too.

Image: SysHaus

LilliHaus cabins come shipped completely finished and ready to be assembled over two days on the site they’ll eventually sit. The lodgings come fully furnished with a stylish minimal palette of pale timber, matte black pops and cool greys to complement, and never take away from, the locations beyond the large windows.

The dimensions of the space are 38.4sqm, so while it’s compact, the interior space is still large enough to accommodate two or four people with a king-sized bedroom, separate bathroom, living space (with fireplace) and full kitchen.

Interiors can also be customised to suit the needs of the user. There’s even the option to combine more than one LilliHaus to create a much larger home.

LilliHaus can operate both connected to the grid and in an off-grid capacity with solar panels, a battery storage system, and water treatment stations.

The tiny home stays temperate with openings in the floor and ceiling, allowing for natural ventilation and a cool breeze in the summer.

Image: SysHaus

Right now, there’s a fully functional LilliHaus called Alter sitting pretty within a lake at the foot of the Mantiqueira Mountains in Brazil, able to be booked for tranquil stays on Airbnb from around $273 a night.

While we’re yet to discover if the tiny homes are able to be shipped to Australia (TheLatch— has reached out for comment), a stay in the Alter cabin when borders open could be a great way to get acquainted with the dwelling before buying it yourself.

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