A New Eco-Floating Hotel Shows the Power of Sustainability In Luxury Design

floating hotel

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) might start to become a familiar name, linked with futuristic architectural designs popping up all over the world. 

The architecture firm has designs in the works for a cliffside hotel in Norway, Cities of the Future, Dubai’s rotating Squall Tower and now, an extraordinary Eco-Floating Hotel, scheduled to open in Qatar as early as 2025.

Designed to be accessible only by car, boat or helicopter, the exclusive man-made island will extend from the mainland’s shore on the surface of the Persian Gulf, and continuously rotate to complete a full rotation every 25 hours.

Although an incredible aesthetic to envisage, this feature is not for gimmick’s sake. If it works, this design element will be how the Eco-Floating Hotel generates its own energy, gaining power from the sun, wind, water and tidal motions.

floating htoel
Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

Spanning 34,931sqm with a total of 152 rooms the Eco-Floating Hotel boasts a repertoire of classic luxury amenities including fine dining with world-class views, a golf course, indoor and outdoor pools, a wellness centre and private terraces. 

And although some would argue that the design elements aren’t something you can tangibly enjoy, we’d like to acknowledge that the aesthetics and feel of your surroundings can have a hugely positive impact on your mental health.

eco hotel
Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

One of our favourite design elements of this Eco-Floating Hotel is its vortex-like roof, which doubles as a water collection system for the hotel’s greenery. 

Following through the eco-friendly, green energy and sustainability journey not just for right now, but in the future, HAADS also has plans to develop waste separation units to convert food waste into fertiliser for landscaping.

Additionally, clean water dedicated for special use will be obtained by purifying seawater, while wastewater is treated appropriately so as not to harm the environment. 

The exact timeline for this project isn’t confirmed, although we do know that the design studio is currently conducting feasibility and technical studies for the hotel, which is promising and exciting.  

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