You Can Buy a Flat-Packed Tiny Home and Assemble It In Your Backyard


If you know where to look, you can find heaps of perfect little tiny homes scattered around your state or territory, ready and waiting to host you on your next off-grid getaway amongst nature.

Companies like Unyoked, Into the Wild and Tiny Away have a number of managed tiny homes, each positioned within a clearing in the middle of nowhere, upon farms, wineries, or beside lakes and walking tracks.

They’re incredible and make for a super unique weekend stay, but if you’re looking for a more permanent escape and have the space to spare (plus a little time on your hands), then you could always consider purchasing this one, which comes flat-packed and delivered for easy assembly in a clearing of your choosing.

Budapest studio Hello Wood designed and manufactures the Kabinka cabin, which can serve as a weekend retreat, guest house or backyard office — it’s really up to you.

Manufactured in Hungary, the cabins, which come in four sizes between 12 and 20 square-metres, are delivered flat-packed to be assembled completely on-site in one to three days.

Image: Hello Wood / Zsuzsa Darab

The kit includes all documents and instructions, plus industrial wall panels and a wooden frame for stability, which Hello Wood says can be assembled with simple power tools, a handful of mates, and a good dose of enthusiasm.

The Kabinka cabin, with its pitched roof, gives an airiness to the space and provides plenty of room for a lofted bed inside to comfortably sleep two. The ground floor has enough room for a small living area and study space, plus you can choose to add a small kitchenette, stove, fireplace, and more.

Project architect, Péter Oravecz, says in a video from the company: “Kabinka also comes with the advantage of being fully-customizable in terms of internal and external appearance. It’s the modular design, which makes it fully flexible and linkable. It can be built as a personal space, a sauna, a beach hut, or a workstation.”

The Kabinka cabin went through many iterations of design before the final product was established. It was important to the creators to be able to put an affordable price tag on the cabin to allow all those who wished to engage with the tiny home movement the opportunity to do so.

“The tiny house movement has been growing rapidly for the past years and if you prioritise sustainable living, simple and compact lifestyle then this cabin is for you,” Hello Wood says on their site.

The cabin is thought out to complement the environment it ultimately will sit upon with sustainable materials and a considered design. “Thanks to its low energy consumption and environmental focus, the cabin is also greener than a house built of non-renewable materials with conventional technologies,” Hello Wood says.

Image: Hello Wood / Zsuzsa Darab

At its base structure, the price of the Kabinka cabin costs €10,000 (around AU $16,500). This price does not include shipping, so expect to add a further cost on top to get the panels to Australia. The Latch can confirm that Hello Wood is working on a way to ship the cabin overseas, so it’s possible you could have your own soon.

Note, though, that those interested in plonking their tiny in a clearing in the woods will also have to contact local councils and authorities to find out more about building permissions, however, the endeavour becomes a lot easier if the tiny home is to sit in your own backyard.

For now, we’ll probably look to book a stay in an existing tiny home closeby. Find out about those closest to you with our list of the best tiny home you can rent in NSW.

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