A Letter to the One Who Taught Me About Connection, Kindness and Perseverance

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This is a letter to someone who taught me so much about connection, kindness and perseverance.

This isn’t a story about ‘the one that got away’. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, our relationship geographically ‘got away’ but our connection and love for one another never wavered.

Distance can be a test for any type of relationship, and this is no exception.

We were best mates.

There is not a day that went by where we didn’t laugh together. The one thing I regret in this life is taking these types of relationships for granted. Some may feel that’s cliché, but not realising how good it was until it’s gone sums this up.

We shared all our thoughts and still do. Our relationship was an emotional roller coaster; from the beginning we had an unwavering connection which I still treasure dearly to this day. Although we now live miles apart and have both taken different paths in life, we still look to one another for guidance on our respective journeys.

“We still look to one another for guideance on our respective journeys.”

We honestly couldn’t be more different — that’s what makes the conversations and advice really hit home and feel so invaluable. She is now a practising psychologist, which makes our weekly conversations interesting. She always pushes me to be the best that I can. The nostalgia of this period of my life usually makes me not want to reminisce too much. However, on reflection, this is a letter to celebrate the amazing people and these lifelong relationships that develop through love and the hardships that come with it.

I left home, and I left someone I treasured behind. I chose to leave to chase my dream which I had worked for and wanted to do for my entire life. In doing this meant that I left with a heavy heart knowing I would lose someone that I loved. As much as we tried to maintain our unique relationship from afar, it was near impossible. This beautiful soul taught me how to be unselfish and to believe in myself. She taught me how to be truly kind and how to support someone in a selfless manner.

“She taught me how to be truly kind.”

I learnt from this wonderful woman that life should never get too dark. We would finish the day or an argument with a laugh. There was humour in everything, something that I will always cherish, even during the heartbreak. That’s a trait that I admire most about this woman and have tried to implement into my life.

I want to thank her for these lessons and ongoing support. I don’t think I know anyone who is as protective over me, apart from my brothers.

She is a constant reminder to treasure the people that treasure you.

And to the next girl that steals my heart, watch out! I have learnt from the best.

An ode to the one that is far away.

Sincerely yours…