Why a First Date on Valentine’s Day Is Actually a Great Idea


If you’re single this Valentine’s Day and wondering whether or not to make the first move and ask someone on a date? We say go for it. And actually, you wouldn’t be the only ones doing just that.

Bumble asked single Aussies how many dates they thought were acceptable to have gone on before plunging into a Valentine’s Day date, and 1 in 3 people responded that a first date was totally acceptable. So there it is: The permission you needed to ask that them out.

With this in mind, here are my top tips for ensuring your Valentine’s Day date goes well.

1. Let’s get positive

Approach Valentine’s Day with a positive and uplifting attitude. Check your negativity at the door and open your mind up to new experiences. If you are looking to attract a meaningful connection, focus on your energy first — what you send out to your potential date will be what you receive in return.

Communicate about expectations. If this is a first date, go into it knowing that this is just about having fun, and working out if the chemistry is actually there.

2. Stay in the moment

Ever been on a first date and spent most of the date actually thinking about your future with that person, rather than living in that moment? A tip from me: Try not to think about the future too much, especially when you’ve just met someone.

Yes, what your children may look like and the house you’ll live in could be fun to dream about, but it also puts an enormous amount of pressure on everyone involved, and may actually damage your ability to live in the moment and get to know this person for who they are — not what you want them to be.

Leave expectations (and predictions) at home on your first date and lean into connection and good chat.

3. Think of your date like a story

Going on a date should be exciting. It gives you an opportunity to try something new, explore a new activity and ultimately have fun.

Go in with confidence, an open mind and an ability to know that this could be something of meaning, and if it isn’t, that’s also totally OK — it’s a good story to tell your friends or learn from for your next date.

Be open to a connection with someone who is new and different (they don’t have to be your “type”) — best not to pigeon-hole yourself.

4. Get creative with your date ideas

Valentine’s Day will no doubt be a little different this year for many Australians. More traditional date ideas like dinner and a movie could be due for a bit of a shake-up, and in 2021, we’re making a case for a date in the great outdoors.

Whether it’s a cooking class, tennis lesson or kayaking adventure, there’s no better way to get to know someone new than sharing in a new hobby together.

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