Farmhouse: A Queensland Café That Should Become Your Local

Hey, are you currently in Brisbane? Are you a short drive away from 9 Somerset Road, Kedron? Well, if that’s the case, then you head to the Farmhouse this very instant. 

The Farmhouse is a Kedron café that sits inside an old and rustic warehouse. It stars a wooden verandah, beautiful timber tables, and barrows of fresh herbs. Basically, it’s the ideal place to while away a perfect arvo.

But more importantly, the food here is lit. This café dishes up fresh and local food that’s been sourced directly from the region’s farmers. Some of the highlights include strawberry and ricotta hotcakes, corn beef toasties, warm doughnuts, and perfect potato cakes. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the drinks. You want a mango smoothie? Bam! Do you need a chai latte? Ka-pow! The Farmhouse has got you, my mates. 

A dog next to a Farmhouse sign.
Image: Farmhouse

Now, it’s also worth noting that the Farmhouse’s Kedron vibe, vintage energy, and scrumptious food all have a purpose. Well, a deeper purpose than being beaut.

In 2009, a Kedron community hub was forced to shut down. It was called Farmer Joe’s, and its exit left a lot of holes in a lot of people’s hearts. 

However, instead of feeling powerless, a woman named Amanda Scott decided to spring into action. In 2017, she created the Farmhouse. Scott did so in Farmer Joe’s honour, and some parts of her establishment are a tribute to this vintage joint. 

Now, over five years later, there’s no denying that the Farmhouse Kedron has succeeded on all fronts. It has great food. It has great drinks. It has wonderful decor. It can act as a community hub for the locals. 

If you want to make a booking at Kedron’s Farmhouse, then click the link right here.

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