Pauses on International Travel Could Be What’s Stopping You From Meeting ‘The One’


In-flight entertainment, in-flight meals, in-flight attraction; it’s all part of the flying experience. Some may recognise the instant chemistry in locking eyes with another solo traveller from across the aisle. Maybe it’s the pre-holiday excitement kicking in or the romance of never seeing that person again, but the notion of falling in love on board an airplane feels significant and romantic. And it’s a surprisingly common occurrence.

According to a recent study from HSBC, travellers onboard a plane have a one in 50 chance of finding love in the air. The survey looked at data from over 2,000 interviews from residents of 141 countries, and of those who took part, 43 said they met ‘The One’ while flying high.

In pre-pandemic times, when global travel was at its peak in March 2019, around 176,000 flights took off each day. On every flight, the study found two couples were likely to meet and subsequently fall in love.

Romantic connections onboard are common, but the research also found platonic relationships took flight in the air, too. 47% of travellers admitted to striking up a conversation with the person next to them, with 12% acknowledging a “lasting friendship” as a result of the small talk. Additionally, 13% said they fostered a “strong business connection” through in-flight chats.

Of course, with international travel still on pause, your chances of an in-flight meet-cute are currently significantly lower, but it’s worth keeping in mind when borders are to reopen — to bring your A-game to the airport, that is.

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