Josh Thomas’ ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ is Returning to Stan for a Second Season

Josh Thomas

Australian comedian, and Please Like Me, creator Josh Thomas is returning to Stan with season two of his American comedy series Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.

The highly anticipated second season is landing on the streaming platform on April 9 and revolves around twenty-something Nicholas (Thomas) who, in the first season, travels to Los Angeles to visit his father and two half-sisters. In a sad twist, his dad reveals that he is terminally ill and needs Nicholas to assume guardianship of the two young girls as their mother is also deceased.

In the new season, Josh and his half-sisters  — Genevieve (Maeve Press) and Matilda (Kayla Cromer) — are all trying to move forward with life after their father’s death. For Matilda, that means re-evaluating her life goals, while for Genevieve it’s about whether or not she is ready to take the plunge and chase her ambitions at Julliard, as well as dipping her toes into the dating pool.

And for Nicholas, his life is now all about finding the right balance as he figures out how to juggle being a brother, parental figure, boyfriend and entomologist.

In addition to Thomas, Press and Cromer, Adam Faison will return as Alex, Nicholas’s boyfriend as well as what Stan promises to be a new bunch of eccentric friends, unexpected hookups and because Nicholas is an entomologist, a lot more bugs.

Arrested Development’s Maria Bamford and Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Richard Kind have also been announced as the parents of Matilda’s friend Drea, who is played by Lillian Carrier.

Kind will play Toby, who is slightly odd, mostly oblivious but totally lovable. He’s a hopeless romantic and eternally supportive of his daughter.

Bamford will portray Suze who is an enthusiastic, emotionally vulnerable and hands-on mother.

Aside from being very funny and deeply touching, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is also an example of diverse representation in television. In addition to Thomas being openly gay and portraying a gay character, Cromer is autistic with Carrier also acting as the show’s autism consultant.

The first two episodes of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, season two will land on Stan the same day as the US, with each episode dropping weekly after that.

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