The Bed That Changed My Relationship for the Better


My boyfriend and I recently moved in together into a super cute open-plan apartment in the heart of Fitzroy North. It felt like a very adult step, to move into a place that was completely our own; somewhere that we could deck out to make it look like ‘us’, that we’d like to stay in for a while.

One thing that I was worried about though, in moving into a one-bedroom apartment with another person, was my sleep. Although I’ve never massively struggled with sleep, and I’ve also never been in a scenario where I didn’t have the option of a spare bed to crawl into if one of us was having a rough night.

There’s also just no such thing as consistently having a peaceful sleep when you’re sleeping with someone beside you. Your partner’s snoring, even if it’s irregular, can actually impact your relationship and it’s also been scientifically proven that not getting enough sleep puts you at risk of a shorter lifespan.

So, after always settling for a cheap and no-frills bedding option, I took moving in together as the perfect time to find the perfect bed. But what is the perfect bed?

It’s different for everyone, but for us, the perfect bed meant sustainability, comfort, design and practicality. Basically, we wanted it to be made from sustainable materials, we wanted it to look cute and we wanted the design to suit our sleeping habits.

After doing a bit of research into Australian sustainable and modern bed frames, mattresses and linen, I came across Eva, a beautifully minimal and environmentally conscious bedding company that had an award-winning mattress, a pretty bed frame and lush looking sustainable linen.

With sustainability being a basic prerequisite in local design, you would think it’d be easier to find products that are affordable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s actually quite a project. It is, however, extremely worthwhile.

And let me tell you, I had no idea what I was missing. My definition of a Good Night’s Sleep has completely changed after finally investing in my slumber. No longer do I wake up with cramps, backaches, in a sweat or annoyed at my boyfriend for no clear reason.

Here’s why.

The Mattress

Everyone’s body is different and needs different things in a mattress, but one thing that we could all use is a mattress that fits our curves.

The Eva mattress is built with layers, which I now know is key. You’ve got edge support springs (which make it basically impossible to fall out of bed), density foam for firmness, latex foam that’s dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial, and gel memory foam which maintains the perfect temperature and moulds to your body.

With all of these factors, it’s pretty much impossible to not be comfortable, regardless of who you’re next to (and how hot they run).

The Linen

Just going to say it. Great linen is self-care. It’s one of those things that elevates both your interiors and your sleep, and of course we wanted to be equally sustainable with this purchase.

There are actually heaps of good options out there for bed linen, all of which have one thing in common: natural fibres. Natural fibres can include linen, cotton and hemp, and all are widely used in sustainable sheets, pillows, duvets and quilt covers. We stuck on brand with Eva, and their 100% hemp linen sheets.

They’re more breathable, meaning that they keep you warm or cool depending on the climate, while also allowing your skin to breathe. You won’t often find yourself waking up too hot or too cold when buying sustainably sourced and hand-crafted bed linen.

The Bed Frame

We decided to get a king-sized bed. Lush I know. Previously we’d slept in a queen or a double, but not only do we move when we sleep, but we’re also warm sleepers, so although it felt a little extravagant, we decided we’d take the plunge and opt for a king. I honestly think it was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Living in an urban apartment (read: modestly sized), we didn’t want the bed to take up the entire room, so we opted for the modern, minimal bed frame from Eva, made with ethically sourced timber.

It was also the easiest bed frame to assemble; I did it on my own, which would never happen with anything that involves an Allen Key. There are even little slots on each side of the bed for you to rest your phone in as you charge it throughout the night. It’s not a statement bed, but it’s perfect for a small-sized apartment or for a minimalist look. The best part? It doesn’t make a sound.

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