This Japandi Minimalist Couch Will Work in Nearly Every Lounge (and It’s on Sale)

Eva couch

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Along with your bed and kitchen or dining room table, your couch is one of the furniture items in your home you’ll use the most. You’ll use it while you watch TV or eat dinner, catch up with your partner, friends or housemates, or simply zone out after a long day of work.

And while it’s most likely you already have a couch, if you’re looking for an upgrade, because of all that, you’ll want to take some time to find the right pick. A couch should not only fit with your lifestyle but also suit your existing décor and make the best use of your home space. Enter Eva’s All Day Sofa (three-seater), usually $1650, but on sale for $1550.

While there are so many couches on the market these days, the All Day Sofa stands out for its five seating options (two-seater to seven and L-shaped) and a design that’s equal parts coastal cool and Japandi (a mash of Japanese and Scandinavian furniture design) minimalist that comes in your choice of grey or navy. In other words, it’s versatile enough to work for nearly every lounge.

Image: Eva

And, for the eco-conscious, you’ll be pleased to hear that its sturdy hardwood frame was sourced from sustainably sourced timber and that its fabric is made from 100% post-consumer plastic. In fact, it’s Australia’s first-ever sofa made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Just one All Day Sofa saves over 300 plastic bottles from landfill. And, while that’s all well and good for the environment, from a practical point of view (because let’s face it, while we want to do our part, we also want to be comfortable), the fabric is soft and foamy, but also durable and, importantly, pet-friendly.

I was recently fortunate enough to welcome an All Day Sofa into my own home (a one-bedder apartment) — I opted for a three-seater in loft grey — and have found it to be incredibly comfy to work on during my WFH days or to lounge on as I catch up with friends. I jazzed it up with three white and blue pillows for pops of colour.

All Day Sofa
Image: Eva

As for its installation, the All Day Sofa doesn’t require any tools — no Allen keys, thank God! — or complicated instructions. You can easily put it together or, when it comes time to move, break it down.

Eva also offers free delivery and returns on it, and even a 120-night trial so you can test it out before you fully commit to it. And when you have committed to it, the couch comes with a five-year limited structural warranty for the frame, a 10-year fabric warranty and a two-year limited warranty on all the other soft furnishings and components.

You can get Eva’s All Day Sofa (three-seater) here.

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