Epilators Versus Razors: Which Should You Be Using?

Everyone has their own routines when it comes to grooming. Once you’re into a habit, it’s all-too-easy to keep doing the same thing mindlessly for years to come. Every now and then, however, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate. There’s no denying that most people fall on one side of the line — team razor or team epilator — but which one is better? Is there much of a difference anyway? 

To find out all you need to know regarding the differences between epilating and shaving, continue on for a full rundown.

Why Use an Epilator?

If you grew up relying on the ever-trusty razor, the question might seem obvious to you: Why use an epilator? 

For the uninitiated, an epilator is an electric device that pulls hair out at the roots. With different versions for using both wet (in the shower) and dry (just on the skin), Epilators are a convenient and easy way to remove hair. 

Unlike shaving, these handy devices remove hair from the roots, meaning that you’re left with smoother skin that stays soft longer. While it might hurt a bit at first, as you get used to epilating, the pain gets increasingly bearable (similar to waxing). When you consider the benefits, the slight pain seems worth it, and many people aren’t bothered by it at all anyway.

Another benefit? You can do it at home. Unlike waxing, which adds an extra chore (and expense) to your beauty routine, epilating is easy to yourself and relatively inexpensive, just like shaving. 

Why Use a Razor?

Alternatively, the classic razor will always be a staple for at-home grooming. While there are a great many benefits to epilating, it’s simply not for everyone. Plus, it’s worth considering the contribution to landfill if using disposable razors. 

If you have a low pain tolerance, or just prefer to keep things quick and easy, shaving might be the better option for you. While shaving doesn’t remove hair from the roots, it’s still an effective way to get that oh-so-smooth skin — and many women who shave as part of their shower routine don’t necessarily mind the extra step. 

Unlike epilators, which can cost more upfront, shaving is relatively cheap. Another benefit of shaving is the small size, which means more control. Many women who are nervous about using epilators in more sensitive areas like underarms and bikini line might, so some rely on razors for these areas anyway. That means that shaving with a razor, as a multipurpose grooming tool, could streamline your routine and save you a few minutes down the line. 


Whatever method you choose, it really all boils down to personal preference. The main drawback of epilating is the pain associated with it, but you avoid ingrown hairs and cuts that go along with shaving. Conversely, shaving might be quicker, but the process requires more upkeep since the hairs are cut off rather than removed at the root. If you’re still deciding, trying both is a good way to go to help you figure out which you prefer.