5 Household Appliances To Make Your Home More Sustainable

As we all embark on the never-ending quest to live environmentally friendly, it can be hard to know where to start your sustainability journey. You’re recycling well, you’re minimising your food waste and you’re leaving the car at home while boosting your daily steps.

If you have a few appliances in your home that could be more aligned with your sustainability goals, you’re not alone. But fear not – it’s 2023, and there’s a plethora of more environmentally conscious home appliances available now, at JB Hi-Fi.

A Load-Detecting Washing Machine 

Washing machines with built-in load sensors are a great way to cut down on your water usage, without having to manually set your machine every time. Washing machines that dispense the exact amount of water necessary, depending on volume, can do wonders in making sure you’re not using more water than you need to. Aussies have a water-wise approach to living, so decking out your laundry with anything that naturally reduces water usage is a brilliant choice to help the environment.  

Load-detecting washing machines, like the LG WV10-1412B, even dispense the exact amount of detergent necessary for each given load size, meaning you’re likely saving yourself some money. 

A Heat Pump Clothes Dryer 

We know, we know. Dryers aren’t the first appliance you think of when you think of fitting out an eco-friendly household. But, having a dryer doesn’t have to put a strain on the planet. Many new dryers use heat pump technology, which recycles the hot air it creates to dry your clothes. This is far more energy efficient than traditional dryers, which simply expel the air.  

Not only do heat pump dryers, like the Westinghouse WDH804N8WA, generally have a 7-star energy rating (or higher!), they’re also usually cheaper to run than their traditional counterparts. Sounds like a win-win. 

A Fridge That Shuts Down While You’re on Holiday (and Doesn’t Ruin Your Food) 

No matter how vigilant we are in turning power off at the switch for all our appliances, we’ll always have to keep the fridge on and running (unless we’re after salmonella). But, refrigerators like the Hisense HRBM483B have been decked out with new technology that offers a compromise. When you know you’re leaving the house for a few days, you can switch the fridge to holiday mode, which helps cut electricity usage without spoiling your food. What’s more is that the same Hisense refrigerator sports a 6-star energy rating, thanks to its vacuum insulation, meaning you won’t even have to worry about not switching it off next time you’re planning a trip. 

A Toaster and Kettle Made Using Old Cooking Oil 

Stay with us. Phillips have taken the eco-friendly approach to appliances to the next level, by actually making the products themselves out of sustainably-sourced material. With a toaster and a kettle making up the brand’s Eco Collection, both are made of bio-based plastics, which were made from used cooking oil. 

Using natural, biological materials to make bio-based plastics, rather than relying on fossil fuel resources, obviously makes them a better alternative to traditional plastic. Not to mention, the overall carbon footprint is smaller and they take far less time to decompose.

Not to mention, they’re actually pretty stylish. 

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