The 75th Emmys Have Been Pushed Back Into the Ether — Here’s Why

Since May of this year, the Hollywood studio system has been brought to its knees. This is because all of the major film studios are refusing to compensate writers and actors fairly for their hard work. 

In response to this betrayal, the Writers Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild, and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have all gone on strike. 

This piece of industrial action has postponed many a production. What’s more, the latest tentpole to get hit with a delay is the 75th Primetime Emmys. The Emmys were slated to be distributed on 18 September, and this ceremony since been pushed back to an unknown date.

If the Emmys were to go ahead now, no monologues or jokes could be written for the event. Likewise, none of the actors could promote their projects at this shindig. This is due to each guild’s rules. 

According to Variety, the TV Academy wants to distribute their Emmy Awards in November. Meanwhile, Fox wants to instead broadcast this award programme in January 2024.

However, due to the Hollywood studio system refusing to budge on any of its workers’ requests, there’s a chance that neither the TV Academy or Fox will get what they want. The current strike could last for a considerable time.

The TV Academy’s Response

When discussing the writer-actor strike and how it might delay the Emmys, the TV Academy gave a rather diplomatic answer.

“Like the rest of the industry, we hope there will be an equitable and timely resolution for all parties in the current guild negotiations,” asserted the TV Academy in a statement. “We continue to monitor the situation closely with our partners at Fox and will advise if and when there is an update available.”

This is the second time that the Emmys has been postponed. The first time being in 2001, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks destroyed the Twin Towers.

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