Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ Is the Series We Need Right Now

Emily in Paris

Bonjour to Netflix’s new series, Emily in Paris, which, as my headline suggests, is the series we need right now.

If you were a fan of Sex and the City and Younger, then Darren Star’s latest show will be an easy watch.

Those who love female-led dramedies with a romantic storyline and equally romantic setting, will love the grandeur of this new show.

The series stars Lily Collins (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile) as Emily, an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris.

When her company acquires a French luxury marketing company, she is tasked with revamping its social media strategy. Emily’s new life in Paris is filled with intoxicating adventures and surprising challenges as she juggles winning over her work colleagues, making friends, and navigating new romances.

The storyline resembles that of The Devil Wears Prada — there’s even a Miranda-esque boss and some bitchy sidekicks. And the fashion — costumed by the enigmatic and fabulous Patricia Field (who dressed the four leading ladies in Sex and the City) is over-the-top, and confusing (explain how a marketing exec can afford a Chanel wardrobe?). It’s definitely more American style than French, so we’re waiting for when she has her Parisian-style makeover.


Emily in Paris is a fun and easy watch, and before you know it, you’ll have sat through the whole show within 24-hours. At some points, you’ll likely pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram (to find Lucas Bravo’s — who plays Gabriel — profile), while other times you’ll find yourself daydreaming of times when you used to be able to book plane seats and travel overseas.

It’s hard not to love this show — especially if you just enjoy it for what it is — easy, fluffy viewing, very much in the style of Darren Star. And in a world of face masks and travel bans and bubbles, Emily in Paris is the escape you likely need right now.

Emily in Paris is streaming now on Netflix.

WATCH: The official trailer for Emily in Paris.

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